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Sleep and bottles?? Lock Rss

My daughter nearly three is still having bottles for bed times and during the night aswell, she wakes at least once sometimes up to three times a night, each time wanting a bottle, I want to get rid of these bottles but dont know how to start. I work full time and dread the idea of staying up arguing with her because she wants a bottle. Please any ideas would be great!!!!!

my son is 20 months and when my mum said he will still be doin this at 4 and wont grpw out of it i decided to put my foot down. I prepared myself for long nights. When he woke i got up, sat at the comp to get my mind of his crying and 45 mins later he was asleep with no bottle.i went in and kised gim and tucked him in and said no juice ( thats what he calls i) and left. then he cried for 45 mins and went to slepe. has slept thru since!
i dont know if it will be dif for a 3 yr old, but maybe making sure she has no bottle at all in the dayw ill help so she doenst get confused. a glass of milk before bed and thats it.

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My lil' man is only 19mths but I feel the through the night bottle is to come of his routine now a days...
When i had his check up on his 18mths review i spoke with the nurse who gave the following suggestion...
lets say your child has 250ml when waking during the night
each night reduce the amount by either 10-20ml
slowly this should ween your child of the bottle. ive started this method and it seems to be working. he is down to 100ml now..... they say they only want this cause their body is routinely asking for it... like ours asks for lunch, dinner or breakfast at a specific time.
I dont like the crying method i feel horrible doing that, but dont judge or think bad of anyone who does do it.... some things work for some and some things work for others i guess.
hope it helps good luck i let you know how i go if it is a complete success or not

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