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2yr old sleep problem Lock Rss

Our 2yr old goes to sleep ok, but wakes at about 2am, and will not go back to sleep unless we cuddle her. If we don't she gets louder and louder and becomes hysterical, she also only wants mummy. How do we get her out of this habit, as it is tiring when you are getting up to the two of them 4-5 times a night. We cuddle her back to sleep, so we can get some sleep.


My DD was the same about that age. She only wanted me and I had to pat or lie next to her until she fell asleep. Some nights I fell asleep in her bed. I just went along with it at the time and she eventually stopped doing it. It was like a stage for my DD. She is now 4 and only calls for her dad to take her to the toilet. She doesnt want me now at night.

Wendy, mum & avid fan

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