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won't sleep under blankets Lock Rss

I have a 12 month old girl who hates sleeping under the blankets. It is now getting a bit chilly at night in Brisbane and she is in flannies and sock but will not get under the blankets and her hands get cold and therefore she wakes up in the night at least twice now and wants a bottle to warm her up but she just wriggles out of the blankets even when they are tight. Any suggestions? Thanks

I posted a similar question on keeping warm at night the other day. I had all great advice so I went out and bought the sleeping bags but the ones that have the legs in them as she hated the ones without legs. Felt restricted I think. My DD is 14 months. Target/kmart has them. David Jones has some really nice ones as well. You just put normal Pj's under it and they don't need a blanket on top.

Hope this helps!

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