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How much daytime sleep? Lock Rss

DD has decided that some days (maybe 2/3 times a week) she doesn't want two sleeps so I thought she just needed the one but most days she doesn't last the distance for just the one sleep and needs two (which she will have if she is tired).

She currently gets up around 7am, back to bed around 9:30am and sleeps for 1.5-2 hours and then back to bed at 2pm for around 1-1.5 hours.

I suppose my real question is: When do they go (roughly) to just the one sleep? Do they cut out one sleep gradually? If they only have one sleep, what time is lunch?

The 'unknown' of her sleeping patterns is making life difficult to organise anything! Just when I thought I had the routine down pat she turns it upside down!


My little man is 20.5 mths & has 1 sleep during the day - averaging 1.5-2hrs but can be as little as 45min or as much as 3hrs. Depends on how active he's been, if he's at home (sleeps much better at home) or daycare (never sleeps more than 1hr there). Like today he went to bed at 11am & slept for 3hrs cos he's had a full on week & was buggered. He usually goes to bed around noon, but could be anytime between 11am-1pm.

Hunger doesn't seem to have anything to do with his sleeping. I used to try to get him to always have lunch before his sleep, but now I've relaxed & know he'll catch up later & give him a decent morning snack or very early lunch (10.30-11.30am)

He usually tells me when he wants to go to bed & is relieved to be there, especially if we're out & he's tired & I tell him we're going home for a sleep - he starts laughing & can't wait to get there! He wasn't always like this tho - we had words & serious sleep training early on when he was being a turd!

I can't remember (already!?) when he went from 2 sleeps to 1, but would have to be at least 9-10mths ago cos I don't remember him having 2 sleeps on his 1st bday! How bad am I!...

It probably took a few weeks of weird sleeping to switch. He used to sleep 9-10am, then went to only 1/2hr, then maybe 10mins in the car - I used to wake him to encourage one big sleep around noon instead.

I'm sorry if I've just confused you more, but every kid is so different & how much sleep they need varies so much - good luck! Cheers smile

Emma, WA, Riley-July''''04, Keira-Feb''''08

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