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Goes to bed but not to sleep! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have a 22 month old little girl who has been a very good sleeper since birth (apart from the occasional hiccup). She's still in her cot and i'm attempting to get her into her big bed just for day sleeps at the moment (night sleeps a bit later) as i have a 6 week old who'll need the cot in about 6 months time i guess. My problem is that lately when we put her to bed in the evening at about 7:30 each night, she won't actually go to sleep until 9-9:30! Occasionally she gets upset and wants an extra story or a drink or whatever but usually she's fairly happy to be in there and "play" for 2 hours! We do sometimes hear her calling out to us for any reason she can think of but unless she gets upset we just let her get on with it. She gets up at around 6:30 every morning and so I'm left with a very tired and cranky child during the day... What can i do to make her go to sleep not just go to bed?? And what's going to happen when we move to the big bed and she's able to get up and come out of her bedroom? I don't want to get into the battles of putting her back in her bed for 2 hours each night. Any advice would be muchly appreciated.....

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

Hi there, I'm just bumping this thread up as I'm having the exact same problem! My 20mth old has always been really easy to put to bed, we used to put him down in his cot at 7 - 7:30 and say night night, he'd stick his bottom up in the air and that was it! Now the little horror talks, sings and plays for up to two hours a night! He has one day sleep from 10/11 for 1-2 hours (it used to be 3hrs but i've cut t down to try and tire him out for nighttime). I'm at my wits end with this! We were also looking at putting him in a bed, but now that this has started...

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

My nearly 2 1/2 year old is also doing this. If she has a daytime nap then she can sing and play in her room at night time for up to 2 hours. If she doesn't have a nap during the day she goes to sleep well at night but then wakes up crying and screaming during the night.

It's all a guessing game with toddlers, LOL

I did invest in a nightlight for her though because she was getting very upset during the night for a while and it seems to have helped.

Good luck and any suggestions are welcome

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

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