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2yo keeping 9 month old awake - help!! Rss

I have a 2yo who is driving me crazy lately! It used to be that I would put him to bed, say goodnight and leave, he would cry for 5 minutes max, and then that was it. Now he will cry for more than 30 mins, up to 1hr an even more (tonight 1.5 hours - aaarrgghhh!).

Normally the crying would not bother me, my daughter used to do the same when she was little and I would just leave her till she settled, but now I also have a 9 month old that I was feeding while the 2yo was settling, then I would put the 9mo to bed, job done.

Now that the 2yo won't settle, it is getting really late for the baby to go to bed if I wait until the 2yo settles, and if I put the baby to bed while the 2yo is still screaming, they both end up screaming and when one stops the other will start, and then vice versa, and it just goes on and on!! Their bedrooms are opposite each other, and the screaming is clearly heard in each bedroom.

I have tried everything with the 2yo, threats, getting angry, staying till he is almost asleep (which is hard as I am on my own at night, hubby works nights, so it means leaving the 5yo to look after the baby), I just am at wits end and do not know what to do.

Any suggestions would be much, much appreciated!!

Danielle, Vic, Mum of 3

My Goodness and I thought I had a hard time, My story is the same my near three won't sleep, but my 9month old does .

have you tried putting the 9month old to bed first and then working on your 2 year old? I know the poor 5 years gets the let down , but maybe he/she could do a job for you, like cleaning up and "helping Mummy".

Our bed timetable is
7.30- 9months (soemtimes 7.00)
8.00 - near 3 year old

I usually get her (3years) by 1/4 to 8. teeth Story, cuddles and then music box on. then she carries on for drinks etc, so it is about 8.00 and the the "I need u Mummy starts" I just say no it is time to sleep.

But hey that is not working for me.. so I am not sure why I am telling you. smile But please feel free to try, I got my information from Karitane.
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