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My 15mth old daughter is currently sleeping with me in my bed. She has been since she was 5 mths. I have problems getting her to sleep in her cot as she moves a lot and quite a lot of times have found her legs popping out from the gaps in between the cot. She would wake up crying a few times during the night. Since she's been sleeping with me she tends to sleep ALL through the night. Usually in bed by 8pm and wakes up approx 9am. I have heard that it's no good for the baby to be sleeping with parents (mom in my case) then I have also heard that it has been found through research that is actually good for a baby to sleep with parents as it was noted that babies were able to settle faster and so on.

For me, I love having my little angel by my side and watching her sleep. knowing that I am there for her. But then again, I want to do the right thing for her. Any suggestions??

it was to read a story so similar to mine. My son is 23months old and is still sleeping in bed with me. I suppose it has been this long not only because I also enjoy the experience, but I am still breastfeedinghim.
These feeds are only comfort feeds though. He only wakes and uses them as a way of getting back to sleep.
He has his own bed but is yet to go into it. I am sorry that Im am no help to you in your situation as I am in the same one and also trying to stop the breast feeds. Maybe you could give me some advice?
Take care
Dear Lubear, my solution to my 11month old son's sleep difficulties were to place a mattress on the floor of his room. At bed time he has a breast feed, then we clean his teeth and then we both lie down together on the mattress under a doona. We have a quick cuddle and he then rolls over and falls asleep. This takes about 5-10 minutes. Then I pick him up and put him in his cot and leave his room and get into my own bed.

To prevent his legs from poking out of the side of the cot rails I put him in one of those snuggle bags. It is like a sleeping bag with arms and a zipper up the front. You can get them in fleecy material for winter or a light cotton variety for summer without the sleeves.

Hope these ideas may help.
Good to hear that someone else still breastfeeds. I have stopped now but my son was 26 moths!! Still sleeps with me and he's now 28 months. I actually went and bought a special bottle and he did cry himslef to sleep the first few nights but then he just gave in. It took longer for him to get to sleep but after a week he was fine. you just have to bite the bullet and be firm!! As for sleeping in your bed - who cares!! I will wait til my son is old enough and bribe him!
Why is it not right for her?? When i was in hospital having my son, one of the midwives who was teaching me to breastfeed, told me that it is natural as childbirth for your children to sleep with you. In africa their children are with them 24 hrs 7 daysfor at least 2.5 years. my mother has had seven children and every one in with her til they were 3 - i'm fine!!!
For the Sleeping bags this is a place I bought mine from.
My 22mth old daughter has just started sleeping with us as she wakes at night and dose not want to go back to her cot. We have tried letting her cry herself to sleep but didn't work. She settled within 5 min in bed with us. To me that was good and I cherish all the sleep I can get, so I am happy that I am not walking the floor. I think you have to do what you feel is the right thing in YOUR heart. This is what I have found since having my twins.

I am hoping that when in her own bed at the end of the year she will settle better and I will be able to lay with her in her bed. Good luck.
hi Nichole,
nice to hear your story about your breastfeeding as I am still breastfeeding and my son is 23mths and still in bed with me. You said you were no longer breastfeeding, I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to how to stop the night feeds. It is wearing me out and I lose alot of sleep (and my son is as well) I hope you can help me.
Take care
goodmorning all
my nearly 8 month old still sleeps in my bed and dad on the floor but he's happy.
I too saw on tv and read that it is good for baby to be in bed with mum and/or dad.
I read it helps them in being confident and babies need the cuddle and touch of mum for security reasons.
I still breastfeed so its much easier for me as well.
mums in third countries carry their babies in pouches and have been for many years.
My question is how will i eventually put her in her cot?
But my partner who adores our baby says when bub is ready and independent she will be sleeping in her own cot/bed.
I haven't regreted 1 minute of her being with me
let alone she is such a happy baby.

take care


mary.NSW 11 month baby

Still breastfeeding here at 21months.
I go by the World Health Organisation Guidelines which recommend a minimum of 2 years breastfeeding for optimum health. I'm actaully happy to let her self-wean.
We also co-sleep, and I know I'll be the sad one when she moves into her own bed. LOL

Michelle Woods

I am in a very similar situation. I have a 22 month old that has been co sleeping with my husband and I since he was born. We all love it...most nights. I am still breastfeeding as well. What we have done and seems to work for us, is that our little one has a double size mattress on the floor in his room which he goes to sleep in. He will usually wake up at night and jump into our bed and have a feed and sleep until morning. Its his choice..he loves his bed and room, but equally loves sleeping with us. We are all pretty easy going and I guess there is no rush to wean him, ect. As long as feels secure and confident in himself I am happy. I guess what I am trying to say is just relax..go with the flow and enjoy. Sometimes I think mums put too much pressure on themselves to do things by the book and worry what everyone else will think if they are doing things differently. But, believe me, there's loads of mums just like you, and I reckon we're doing a pretty good job. If it works for you girls, then go with it whole heartingly.

Nat VIC, Zac born 16/06/05, Aviel born 20/03/09

DEFINITELY the right thing to do!

If the fact that baby AND mum(!) sleep better isn't convincing enough, then read some things from a true sleep expert, Dr James McKenna. He has been researching babies' sleep for over 20 years now. i.e. OBSERVING and researching - as opposed to those who are only attempting to make babies sleep in a way that suits THEIR idea of the 'proper' way/time for a baby to sleep!!! if you get my drift. <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>

This is the link for his University of Notre Dame Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab The FAQ section is probably a good place to start.

You go for it, Lubear! If and when you do want to change the situation, a small mattress beside your bed is a nice gentle progression.

All the best.

<span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
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