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My little angel will only go to sleep when I breastfeed her. She is 15 months old and does spend alot of time sleeping in our bed aswell. I don't really have a problem with this but am worried about her teeth. I try and brush them but to no avail and worry that the milk in her mouth may be doing her harm. She wakes several times during the night and the only way to get her back to sleep is with my boob other wise we wake the hole house and Dad just can't take that crying.
I know juice is not good to give them when they are going to sleep but have not heard much on breast milk? Any Thoughts Thanks
hi mary mac
my daughter who is now five was the same i fed her till she was 2 and a half she has no problem with her teeth but it was a hassle getting her off that took 6 months then i would wake up and her hand would be down my shirt and that went on until last year the day i had my son it stopped and she was 4 . my son was also a breastfeeder but it got to the point where i was his dummy so when he was 9 months old i put him on the bottle which took about a week to get use to but after he was on the bottle he had no interest in me.. i have the same problem with ppl in the house getting annoyed if bubs crys but you just have to tell them to have some consideration for you unless they want to get up with her .... so i dont know if this will help but i just thought id share my story.... just got to have some patience and ask your partner to be understanding as you will both gain from you getting her off the breast.

Rachael,NSW, 5 yr old and 1 yr old

Thanks youngmum81. It's good to hear your story. I don't feel so bad now. I'm sure it will all turn out ok. In the last few days she isn't looking for a fed as much. I try to give her lots of solids but she doesn't eat much. She has been teething and I think that makes it heaps worse. Thanks again for your input it was a big help

mary mac
Hi Mary Mac,

I have the same problem, he does not eat that much, he is very active so burns lots and lots of fat that he does not even have, walks up allot at night for breastfeed and even during the day, in order to get him to sleep about an hour, he walks up twice which means I have to breastfeed him twice to sleep. He only breastfeed to sleep but sometimes when I see his sleeping signs I take him to bed and breastfeed him, then he suddenly gain all that energy and would not go sleep. So I end up feeding allot these days, this only started after he got sick. He sleeps in my bed which is ok with me, as I got so attached to him, if he is not in my room, I can not sleep smile but I want to wean him of the breastfeeding when he goes to sleep. He is 13 months old and not sure what to do as I hate to hear him cry and pulling my shirt to feed. I am so interested to hear how did you handle yours, any luck?

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Hi Rana

I am still breastfeeding my little angle. She is eating a little more now. She is not continually on my breast. She used to want it just when she would think of it. She is sleeping a little better but is in my bed from about 1.00am on. I have her cot pushed up against the bed without the rail so she just climbs in with me now. Lazy aren't I, but my husband doesn't hear her as much now. I have tried different things like pick up put down method. Letting her cry which I can't do. I have stopped going straight to her when she cries as sometimes she is only dreaming and I end up waking her when she is asleep. I don't know if it is getting better or I am just getting used to it. I will visit the web site suggested and see how that goes. Good luck and if I find a remody that works I'll let you know.
Hi Mary,

You sound exactly like me. I have the cot pushed up against the side of the bed with the rail half down. Initially so that I could see Jess breath (paranoid first mum), then so that I could pat her back to sleep when she stirred and now she has taken to waking up, climbing over the rail and getting into bed with us. (It's so cute). This doesn't worry me at all, and I know some Mums would die if they knew about this. Mum tells me that me and my brothers slept with them as babies, and my husband slept with his Mum as a baby, and there's nothiing wrong with us! They are only babies once, the time goes so fast, I love having her in bed with us, and when I look back, I know I'll cherish it. I know my Mum does. Everyone is different, but I don't believe that the parents who allow their child in bed with them should be criticized for doing it. I have a friend who always tells me I'm doing the wrong thing by letting Jess in bed with us and I'm sick of it. Next time she says anything I think I'll stand up for myself.

Steve Biddulph writes books about parenting, and tells a story about a couple who went to work on the Cook Islands. They had their first baby whilst living in a village there. On the first night, the mum couldn't settle the baby and was lying there, listening to it cry, hoping it would settle, when there was a knock at the door. It was a group of the village mums, coming to see what was wrong with the baby, as babies in the pacific don't cry unless there is something terribly wrong. When the ladies made it in to there home, they could see what was wrong with the baby! It was in a cot! Babies get lonely and need to be loved! It should be in bed with it's parents! This is just one side of the debate about whether babies should sleep in our beds. I believe that if you thinks it's okay, then it is okay. It's entirely up to you.

I also feed my baby to sleep (she's just gone 12 months). I'm currently weaning her, at the moment she's having milk from a cup at lunch time. Once she gets used to this then I'll cut out her morning feed, then her night feed. I am wondering what's going to happen when the night feed goes - how am I going to put her to sleep??????? I guess time will tell.

Sorry this has been so longwinded. Good to know there are other mums out there like me.

Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3

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