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who holds the record for not sleeping thru??? Lock Rss

My daughter is 27 months and still does not sleep through. She will wake at least once a night and has slept through three times since birth but I still got up to check on her those times. I go to bed every night knowing that I will have to get up at some time during the night for a bottle of water, nappy change or cuddles but it is getting better (ie. only takes a few minutes to settle and waking once instead of 3-4 times) and I figure that by the time she is 4, she can get her own drink of water and go to the toilet so I don't have to get up (by then, I will hopefully have another bub so maybe I'll get a full night's sleep after they leave home?)

Charlotte mum to Emily 27-08-03 & Lily 21-09-06

Yikes! Sleep is my biggest issue with my little man! He is 13 months old (almost) and is still up 3-4 times a night!!
When I get a full nights sleep I will be sure to shout it out for all to!

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

Hello, my daughter has just gone 10mths & still doesn't sleep thru or well. We are now trying to get into sleep school coz its gone on too long now. So yes i'm a sleep deprived mum as well. Good luck to you, & keep at it. Things have to improve, don't they?

melissa, Vic, 10mth baby

Oh Kiah! I think we are almost exactly in the same situation...I thought I was reading one of my replies then for a minute,,,lol. Fletchers father and I have split up, so its been a hard slog...and I wish sometimes I could have time to do the every day things you have to do! Cook dinner, wash clothes, ironing, oh and most important SLEEPING! I cant wait to sleep again, Fletcher is in with me nowdays and waking at least 4 time a night and not going to bed til 9pm (at the earliest). I have just started back at work full time too, so I am an emotional, sleep deprived mess atm!!

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

Hi, new to this site, what a great site!

Anyway, I have DD who is 12 months and only lately has started to sleep through. She will sleep through probably 5 out of the 7 nights. Well has for the past few weeks anyway. Before that the only full week she ever slept through was at 11 weeks. Let me tell you it gets very hard sometimes. But I know its all worth it!
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