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sleeps for 15mth old... Lock Rss

My little girl is still definately needing 2 sleeps, sometimes if she only has 1 cause we're out she has a terrible evening and bad night. She is sleeping an hour in the morning about 9am and 2-3 hrs at about 1.30. This seems alot to me??? Are other bubs sleeping this much?? She doesn't go to bed till 8pm since daylight savings but this suits us as we are usually out at bbq, beach or park til late in afternoon, are others going to bed later now? Not sure if I should be changing her routine now she's older?

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hi, at first with daylight saving, ash went to to bed a little later, but then he told us himself he wanted to go to bed at 7 still. So we have dinner at 6, bath then he has abbottle and i put him to bed in the add of home and away. lol
but he wakes anywhere between 6-8 usually and will have just one sleep at 12-2/3. i can give him a sleep in the morning but he won sleep in the arvo. he will play quielty for up to 2 hours though in his cot. though he is in a big bed tonight for the first time..

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bella has 2 sleeps a day...she wakes 7.30ish and sleeps bout 10.30ish for about 1 1/2 hours then again 3 hours after she wakes for another 2 hour nap. Without these she will be a nightmare!
She still sleeps at 8pm every night. Im not planning to change her routine til she does it herself. Im enjoying the peace and quiet!!!

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Hey mate
I am jealous that you have a bub that sleeps so much. If it's not a problem for you then don't mess with it. Every babe is different and if yours needs that much sleep, and it's not interfering with night sleeps, then ENJOY!!!!
I had to start putting my 15mo to bed earlier because he gets up so damn early... but he sleeps about 1.5- 2 hours during the day in total, he really only wants one nap now. Like I said, I'm jealous!

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