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Dummies, how do we get rid of them and when? Lock Rss

Em our 14month old is going to become a big sister in May. We have been naughty and up until a couple of weeks ago, been cuddling her to sleep every night. That stopped only because daddy got sick of it and put in bed and shut the door and told me not to cry as em did. Now we have the other big problem of how do we get rid of her dummy and when is the right time to do that. She only has it when she is tired and is going to bed or is extremly upset ( sick etc. ) I don't know if we should be taking the dummy away before the baby arrives or if we should wait until she is a bit older to understand what is going on and she can decide. ( when the new baby arrives she will be 20 mths) We only gave her a dummy as a newborn,because our first night at home was terrible and I couldn't feed her due to bleeding, cracked nipples and it was too painful - shouldn't have left the hospital - and em needed something to suck while I sorted out the breast pump and the everything that goes with it. Now the dummy is a major player.
Emily has also started waking in the night looking for her dummy and won't settle down again unitl she has it - she has been sleeping through since ten days old.
We need help.

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

I would probably take the dummy off her now, as major changes like this aren't recommended too soon to a new baby arriving, and it's starting to interfere with her sleep. Also she's getting to the talking age, and dummies can affect speech development. None of mine have had them past 4 months luckily, but my sil took her son's off him when he was 2, and said it was horrible and should have done it sooner. She says that the main thing was to tell the kid what's happening, and when you get rid of it make sure they're all gone, and don't cave in. She didn't find them all, and he would appear after a couple of days with one he'd found, and it would be back to square one. And if you don't have any in the house you can't give in!
Your partner sounds like he has a tough attitude, if you can get him to do most of the actual holding out on her it would be easier for you, make sure he's home for a few days when you start! It will be a horrible time whenever you do decide to go ahead with it, but i think it will be much better in the end. Good luck!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

My daughter was 10 months. We had had enough of waking in the night just to give her the dummy!! as soon as we got rid of it we have been having no middle of the night wake up calls.

It is really hard to listen to them cry for it, but it has to be done sooner or later and I thought that sooner rather than later would have to be easier.

She only ever used it to go to sleep, so she screamed for about a week and got a cold because she ran herself down and then she was fine and had forgotten about it. You both have to be 100% commited to getting rid of it though because a number of occasions we had thought maybe we should give in. We also got rid of the bottle at the same time, so there was none of that same sucking going on, she has her milk out of sippy cups and loved that straight away.

Next time i think 4-6months of age will be when I get rid of it next.
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