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what age was your child..... Lock Rss

when you child starting going without a day nap all together?
Charlie has been a terrific sleeper and we used to say we couldnt ask for more with her sleep habits but now she goes to bed at 730 but now has started talking and singing (and kicking the wall) till about 930 at night. I Then have to wake her at about 730am to get started.
She will sleep for about two solid hrs during the day (more if I let her). If for some reason she misses a day time nap she goes down straight away at 7 and wakes about 8. Do I let her go without a nap during the day and just let her sleep in to get the extra hours - she gets cranky in the arvos without a nap but will she get over it? She has been in a big bed for over 6 months and only figure out she could get out and open the door this week.
All suggestions welcome

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

Hi yes we hit the same patch with my boy (march 03) a few months ago. He no longer has a nap and goes to bed at 7pm without a fuss we hit a point when if we managed to get him to have a nap (it became a struggle) it would be quite late when he went to sleep and yes it was a variety of crying wall kicking and other I don't want to go to sleep things. He was cranky and grumpy in the afternoon for a while as he adjusted it took a few weeks but now he is great and always goes down well at night. We decided that It was better that he got a good night sleep rather than struggle to force the day sleep I can handle a tough day if so but I really need that quiet time at night so thats what we did out with the day sleep and a good night.
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