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routine for one year old Lock Rss

hi girls........the time has come!!! i think my dd is due for a change in her routine but i have no idea what to work's our day at the moment......

7am wake 200ml bottle
8am toast/fruit (wont eat cereal)
10am morning tea & water
12pm lunch & water
1pm 200 ml bottle
130pm sleep for up to 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours!!!
4-430pm afternoon tea & water
530 tea & water
7pm 200 ml bottle and BED

she's been doing this for about 10 days or so......but still gets cranky around 930am but screams blue murder if i try to put her down for a nap so i just cut that nap out. She's pretty happy for the rest of the day.....and the long arvo sleep is great.......she has not slept thru the night since i put her onto formula 5 months ago!!!! 2 weeks ago i changed her to s26 lactose free and cut out dairy bcoz she was waking all night screaming in pain with wind and ended up with 10 days of runny poo's. she's 100% better on the lact free but the night wakings have still continued out of habit i think......going to see the child health nurse who said she will refer us to riverton sleep clinic......yay!! anyway i'm really curious to see what other 12 month old bubba's are doing on a day to day basis..........thanks smile

gabrielle 35, QLD, claudia 23-10-04

my daughter is one this weekend, and her routine is kind of similar . .

6.30 Wake and then play
7.30 2 weetbix and a bottle
8.30 Sleep for at least 3 hours if not 4
12.30 sandwich and fruit and bottle and then play
2.30 sleep for another 2 hours
4.30 wake and play
5.30 bath
6.30 meat and vegies and yoghurt
7.30 bottle and bed

i am a bit worried that she is sleeping too much . . 16 hours sleep and 8 hours awake doesnt seem like much

TRINA, ZANE (both 22) imogen 12.11.04, Eden 23.11.

hi, you've probably got your routine sorted again now, but anyway, my now 15 m.o. has been in this routine since about 9/10 months:

7/7.30 get up, morning bottle
8.30 breakfast
10.00 morning tea
10.15 down for sleep (am just moving this to 10.30 now as she is starting to take shorter nap)
12.00 up, lunch
2.00 afternoon tea
3.00 nap for 1 hr (i often have to wake her to keep her in the routine so she is ready for bed later)
4.00 snack
5.30 tea
6.30 bottle, bath, ready for bed
7pm bedtime
9.30/10.00 'sleepy feed' bottle (i know she doesnt need this nutritionally but she has trouble with constipation if she doesnt get enough fluids)

originally her first sleep was a lot earlier but i found she wasnt having a decent sleep (ie enough time for me to have my shower and do a bit of housework) so i moved it back by 15 mins or so until she was having 1.5-2 hrs. i only let her have 1 hr in the arvo so she is tired by bedtime otherwise we have struggles to get/keep her asleep
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