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trantrums when put in bed Lock Rss

we had thunder storms about a week ago and the noise scared my 17 mth old and now ever since he screams for an hour to 2 every night and ive tried controlled crying and rocking and everything i can think of and have heard the only thing so far that makes any difference is i play the portable stereo on repeat one soft song pretty loud over and over all night he only ends up crying for 15-20 mins approx i cant do that forever and he isnt changing if anyone can help please hes off dummys sine just before xmas and now is only drinking bottles when he is asleep

michelle qld 3 yrs/17mths

Hi, i sympathise with you. I have a three yr old girl. She did not sleep through the night until she was two. Then every thing was fine for 6 months or so. In the last 2-3 months we have the terrible time getting her to go to sleep. Two weeks ago i decided enough was enough. I was hard on her and let her cry only going into her every ten minutes and telling her "Enough, stop it" the first week was sheer hell and last week everything fell into place and she has been excellent. I read a story and then lights out, and she is not trying us at all.
Though your child is younger, i suggest be firm but also caring and you will win. It takes time but you will get there. I would turn off the radio, because he will become really reliant on that and that will be another thing you will have to deal with.
Good Luck!!!!

chele75,Vic,3yr old

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