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Sleeping in the BIG bed Lock Rss

We have just moved our son Kristopher from his cot to a big boys bed, in a new room. I am having alot of problems trying to get him to go to sleep in his bed though. He is 21 months old, and loves the idea that he can climb out and play, he has slept in there twice but the other times i have moved him there from his cot.
Has any one got ay suggestions!
Just an update!!

We survived, there were a few tears shed, but overall the transition to the bed had been a success. It has been a week today since he slept in the cot, and he hasn't looked back. Lets just hope we can fill the cot up again soon, and start all over again.
Has any one else just left the cot for a bed?
Now, to only conquer toilet training.

Hi mummy jen,

Would really love to know how you did it. I have a 17 month old who I have just put in a big bed. The only reason I did was because all the other kids at day care are in beds from as young as 13months. It is driving me insane. This is only my third day. Cohen just keeps on climbing out and playing. He is also waking up earlier in the morning. It takes me around 2 - 3 hours to get him down to sleep. Did you keep going in and putting him back in bed when you hear him out, or just leave them in their room and get into all sorts of miscief? He used to have a sleep in the afternoon for around 40mins to and hour, now nothing. Please help.


Leisa, Qld, 15mth son

Hi Leisa,

It did take us about a week, but every time I heard him out of the bed I went in put him back to bed, told him it was sleep time and took that particular toy out of the room. On the third time I told him "If I have to come back in you will have to sleep in the baby's cot, not the big boy's bed" which he did not want to do. I moved him to his cot a couple of times but then just happened.
He now even sleeps till 7.30am (his new room is a bit darker than the last) and does not even get out of the bed until I come in the room. I also let him pick a toy and take it to bed with him.

Good luck, and let me know how you go.
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