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Waking up at night Lock Rss

My son is 11 months old. He goes to bed around 6 6:30pm but he still wakes up at 10pm then he wakes up a few time in the middle of the night, and i dont know how to get him back to sleep. HE still wakes up at 5am too and doesnt want to go back to bed. I find myself always tired cos i am gettin broken sleeps.

I need so advise on how to get him back to sleep without giving him a nother bottle.
Someone please help me.
Hi Laura,
My Son also did this, you just need to be patient with him. Go to him when he wakes up, but don't talk to him or pick him up, just try to settle him in his cot, keep the lights as low as possible and tuck him in and go back to bed. It took us a few weeks and a few tears but Kristopher soon learnt that there was no bottle comming and started to sleep through. As for waking up at 5AM, Kristopher used to be 6, but I started shutting his bedroom door of a night and I managed to get an extra hour out of him.
Hope this helps a little.
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