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I was just wondering how you went about moving your children into a big bed from a cot. My son is 16 months old and i'm expecting in September. I want to get him settled into a big bed before the next one cames along. Some nights he'll sleep in the big bed and though the day but sometime its on for young and old so he goes back into the cot . What should i do?

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

The day we moved Damon to a big bed we packed up the cot and stored it away. It was then out of sight, out of mind. He surprisingly never asked for it. We also let him watch and help us do it so he understood what was going on. Unfortunately we have allowed him to get into the habit of falling asleep whist TV in the lounge on his Bob The Builder couch. But once he is put to bed he stays there. Good Luck through these trying but fun times.


Hey my 2 yr old daughter was 14 months old but i had no choice cause she was trying 2 climb out of the cot and also wouldnt sleep well, i found as soon as i put her in the bed she slept alot longer i spose 2 she wanted 2 be in a bed like mum and dad (big girl) i also let her watch me so she felt comfortable,

[email protected]

The main thing to do when moving to a "big bed" is to be consistent. Once you make the move the cot is no longer an option. To make this easier on my daughter I made sure that the "big bed" was beside the cot so that she got used to it. Once she began climbing out of the cot (17mths), I took it away so I wasn't tempted to put her back in it if I was having trouble getting her to sleep. The main problem I had was getting her to stay in bed when I walked away. I tried sitting with her but she wouldn't sleep so I asked other mothers what had worked for them and many had said that they had just closed the door. I hated the sound of it but I was desperate so I put her to bed, said good night, and shut the door. I stayed on the other side of the door quietly, and she screamed and screamed, then hopped into bed and went to sleep. I did this if she got up in the night also. Once she was asleep I would open the door again as I didn't feel comfortable leaving it shut. After about 3 nights she would no longer get out of bed and now she will quite happily go to bed herself when it's her bedtime. Walking away from her those first 3 nights was so hard but I knew that the outcome would be worth it. I've heard also that some parents put stairgates across the doorway so that the door isn't shut but the kids can't come out. Good luck with your son.

Heather, Colac, Vic, 22 mth old daughter

yes thats very true i agree with u, i went 2 tweedle in sunshine (sleeping problems, i had a day stay program there they helped me out heaps, but they also let them scream i was also in tears just listening 2 her expecially when they call out ur name, but in the end i dont it 4 bout 4 days and she slept so much better i couldnt do it in da nite as she just took aslong 2 get bak 2 sleep, then it made me stressed, she was ok but now shes turned 2 i dont no wether or not shes having a growth spurt or not but shes out of wack again, also her moulers r coming through hopefully thats just the problem,also good luck with ur son hope we have been some help, also im pregnant with my 2nd so i think its also a little of jeaulosy wants me all the time.

[email protected]

What an experience that was for our house! I just thought i would share with you our little story!

Our daughter was just 2 and for reasons not important i had to give back the bassinette thing i was using for No2 (its huge i planned on using it for 4 more months). So hubby and i jumped the gun and decided she would have a new big bed. Why not we thought, she is an excellant sleeper and loves going to bed, we won't have any problems.
We did all the right things, took her shopping let her have some input, let her help set up the bed and all. Everything was going prefect till she had to go to sleep in it!

She put on such a tantrum i thought she was going to have a fit, and don't worry we gave it plenty of time and chances! Dad even got into bed with her, but nothing would work! We were in shock, of all the things that we thought might happen, we never thought it would be this bad! We gave in and for the first time in her life she slept with us, as i said we were not prepared for this outcome and she had to sleep eventually.

Night 2 was the same but my hubby was determined, he had a chat with her and laid down for 10min with her. To end this long story about 5 nights later she went to bed on her own and thing started settling down again.

And the moral of the story is, never underestimate the reactions of your children when there is change!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hey i agree with u thats so true, can any1 help or give me advise on sleeping AGAIN madison turned 2 in may, ive just moved in2 a new place so i think thats it but even when i was in my other place she did the same ive tried everything, lying down with her, leaving the lamp on, putting teddys-dolls in bed with her, leaving the heater on incase she got cold, reading 2 her, she goes down fine thats not the problem its sometime in the morning she wakes up and comes in2 bed with me and my partner she wont go bak 2 bed then even if its 2 3 4 5 in the morning doesnt matter but she will fall asleep easy so we put her bak 2 bed its just getting a pain having a broken sleep 4 sometimes 10 mins just when she comes in2 bed with us, im 6 1/2 months pregnant due in dec so i want her 2 hopefully sleep all night b4 the baby comes plzz give advice i would love it im exhausted

[email protected]

Hi All,
We were expecting the worst when moving our then 18mth old into a big bed. I wanted to get her used to it before I got too big with my second pregnancy (I was 5 mths). We gave her plenty of time to get used to the idea before the new baby came along but luckily she loved it from the start.
We began with just the mattress on the floor in the corner in case she fell out. We placed a doona on the floor beside her but she never needed the cushioning as she never fell out of bed. We did this for a monh and then we put the bed together. We bought a side rail that slips under the bed and put a mattress on the floor (again for 1 mth) to cushion any falls. Luckily we only had her fall out the once but it just hapened to be the week after we took the cushioning away.
It was no use putting the cot away with another one due in 4 mths so we filled it up with things for the baby. She never tried to climb into it but did like to know it was "for the baby because you're a big girl now". One mth before the baby was due we moved the cot into our room and every time thereafter she would pat the cot and say "Baby sleep."
We would close the door after putting her in bed and open it once we went to bed. To stop her wandering through the house when she woke up we would close off all the rooms between hers and ours so she could only come into us. Most days though we would actually wake up to the sound of her singing to herself in bed.
I hope you don't have too many problems with this transitional period.
Best of luck,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

I've just read the stream of comments regarding moving into the big bed. My 16 month old isn't climbing out of the cot but I find he often wakes as he gets himself sideways allot and as he's quite a big boy becomes uncomfortable. I find this is most the reason I get up to him at night. I thought about a big bed but as he squirms and rolls so much during the night I know he'd just fall out! How do you go with the falling out thing???? Plus he only started walking at 15 months so isn't that agile on his feet! I'm not sure what do to.. persevere with the waking in the cot because he's uncomfortable or go the big bed and worry about the falling out???
Hi Darlene,

The only problem i have nowing is that my son gets up though the night and whats to sleep with us. Try buying a side bar for his bed u can get them at big w or kmart
hope that helps

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

Hi Tracy,

Good idea, thanks. I will look around for one soon. I think I might wait until summer to make the transition though.
i too was wondering how to go about moving my 2 year old into a BIG BED! i am 6 months pregnant and wanted to make the big move well before the new son loves his cot ,but its needed by his baby brother or sister soon.i've been advised by my health nurse to apply the same method learnt 18 months ago when we too visited tweedle day stay,i had fantastic results then i just hope it will work now.last night was day 1,it took 30 mins to convince our son that the big bed is the place to be,so after this time he was sound asleep till morning,today took over an hour ,but no tears ,just lots of patience,heres hoping tonights that little bit easier!
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