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Can anyone tell me when kids start night time toilet training? My daughter has been dry during the day for 1 year and has started asking to NOT wear her nappy to bed. (She has older friends who don't wear a nappy). The last few nights we've tried this, but have had several accidents. I wasn't going to start night training for ages as she's not yet three, but one of my friends has a night-trained girl who is 3 months older. I'm unsure whether to go with her desire to ditch the nappies or put it on hold for a while. Any suggestions?
Ive just started my daughter without night nappies since santa took her bottles away. She wanted to go without nappies- she is only 2 & a bit... what I do is put a flannel backed tablecloth flannel side up to stop any accidents from ruining the mattress... My mum in law said summer best time to do it as their bodies will use more fluids & less chance of accidents
Its worth a shot if ur girl isnt ready she will let you know

Mikarla 21, NSW, girl 2yrs, boy 9 months

we used huggies pull ups for night time sleeping and told our daughter they were special pants - never called it a nappy. we continued to use these until she had a dry nappy in the morning for over a week. i then tried her with normal underpants and we have never had any night time accidents ever since.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

Does any one have any suggestions on how to get my 3 1/2 yr old daughter to stop having a really full nappy @ night? I have tried limiting fluid intake after 5pm, sticker charts, rewards and even the odd try at bribery. She has been dry during the day for over a year (with the odd accident).

Kim, WA

My daughter (2) got rid of her bottle when santa came, but she also wanted to get rid of the nappy (which used to get really full) since then I put one of the left over flannel backed tablecloths on her bed to protect the mattress but she has only had probably5 real accidents since Christmas Eve. I think in all honesty the nappy just made her lazy/comfortable wetting the bed with out acutally wetting the bed... wetting her undies is different because she hates the feel so wont do it. So you could try your daughter w/o a nappie full stop for about a week see if it helps if it doesnt pullups but tell her they're undies and never mention the nappy word....
it just takes some longer then others, so dont stress....

Mikarla 21, NSW, girl 2yrs, boy 9 months

I have a 3 and a bit year old boy and the only way I can stop him from having a wet bed at night or nappy is to take him to the toilet around 12am

Bron, WA 3yr boy,10mth baby

I had a lot of trouble with toilet training. I kept borrowing my sisters little 4 1/2 boy to show him how to do it.
When he was trained during the day I tried the huggies pull-ups at night when my son turned 3 and found that he was just using them like a nappy. So I took them away and put a plastic mattress protector on his bed and had to cope with the mess. I also had double bed sheet folded in thirds and lied it across the middle of his bed on top of the plastic sheet. So that it was easier to just whip it off and wash it. Also if he wet it in the middle of the night I just had to pull that off and the bed was clean again. After about 2 months he stopped wetting the bed.
I also never let him wear his undies to bed, just his Pjs so that he might sense there is nothing there. I took away his night time water bottle he had beside his bed.
I hope my next little boy is a lot easier.

mum of 3

Yeah - I also have no idea - my boy has been trained during the day for 6 months now - since he was 2.
When should I start trying with night time? How do I go about it? Is he too little yet at two and a half???

Mum of 3 year old boy and 1 year old daughter

hi guys,

my daughter was about 6 weeks off turning 3 when we started trying for dry nights. the reason we did this is because i realised that her nappy was only wet in the morning cos she was doing a big morning wee in it.
so we started off with getting her up to go to the toilet before we went to bed ourselves (about 11 pm), and then reminding her first thing in the morning to go to the toilet.
if she had a dry bed, we made a huge deal about what a clever girl she was and then we let her stamp the calender with a stamp on the day she had a dry night. we also told her that her big cousin didnt wear nappies to bed and she said she didnt want to either.
i think boys will be a bit harder cos they seem to sleep a lot deeper-i havent started tackling my son yet, he is 2 3/4.

Kristi 5 kids.

My daughter was 2 & a bit when i decided to night train her. I got a plastic backed sheet from Target that wraps over her sheet & tucks under the mattress. Also brought some special "Hi-5" nickers!!!(She's easily bribed my girl!!!!) I told her she didn't want to get her special new undies & sheet wet & I also put her potty in her bedroom next to her bed. Before she went to sleep i repeated to her that her potty was right here & if she needed to do wee then just yell out & mum or dad would come & help her. I really made it clear(in a positive & exciting way) that she shouldn't wet her special new things & we would be there for her. I have never had a problem. The first night she actually woke & yelled out to us & from then on, she was great. I would say the amount of times she has wet i could count on one hand!!!! I think the idea of a potty beside their bed puts them at ease a little.
Anyway, I hope this helps. Let me know if you are successful!!!

Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Michelle,

I really like that idea of the potty beside the bed. My daughter is day trained, for about 2 months, and am starting to look for ideas for night training. I also have a packet and a half of pull-ups, so maybe i will get some use out of them after all,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,

A friend of mine was having trouble getting her daughter to stay dry during her day sleeps, (she was dry at night though, work that one out!!!) anyway I told her to put the potty next to her bed so that she could see it when she woke & was able to safely make it in time, & it worked like a charm. She was dry straight away. I think it's the reassurance thing that they don't have to run all the way to the loo & may not get there.

Hope this idea works for you.


Michelle - Mum to 2

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