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2 1/2 yr girl - still in huggies Lock Rss

Just wondering how to encourage my wee girl to use a potty or toilet.
We have had many trys of knickers, all day long changing them, failed.
Never has said "wees is coming"
screams & runs away at potty - big laugh
play with it but will not sit on it
totally uninterested in toilet although likes to watch me!
really want to get her moved on as such a big girl & grown up in every other way!
have a red seat for inside toilet seat but wont go for it either!
rewards dont work.
what to do, want to be thru this before number two.
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Hi i am having the same problem with me 2 1/2 year old girl too, we also have tryed knickers soooo many times but she will ether just wee in them or just stay in them for 1/2hr or so with out weeing them and go back and fourth to the potty but still nothing in it , as soon as i put a nappy back on her she will wet it strat away .sorry i couldnt be any help to you but if you have got anywhere with your little girl i would like it if you could help me out in anyway lol at all it will me very much apresiaded .

Deanne,vic,mum of 5

I agree with aristol - best not to rush it. My girl is 2 1/2 yrs and not interested in the potty or toilet. She disappears to a corner of the room to "hide the poos" and tells me "I'm doing poos", but she won't 'hide' or 'do poos' on the toilet or potty when I ask her. I just casually shrug and so 'ok - let me know when you need a clean nappy'. She's not even noticing when she wees so I don't see the point in trying knickers as I don't need to spend all day changing them at the moment. She's quite grown up in lots of other ways too, so it seems odd that she's not interested in using the potty or toilet. Anyway, I'm going to just keep mentioning the potty etc to keep her familiar with the concept, and when the summer arrives, I'll have a go with knickers etc. if she's showing more signs of being ready. Each child is different, but it does seem that toilet training around 3yrs is more common than 2yrs these days.

She may think you want her to use the potty and be resisting your encouragement, so maybe you could try not mentioning toilet training, potty, or anything remotely associated with it and see if she suddenly develops an interest?! If the potty 'disappears', she may suddenly decide it's not scary after all and ask for it. Just a thought!

Also she may 'click' when she sees other kids at kindy or playcentre using the toilet - if she goes.

Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.

Phillipa, Mum to Shawna 2 1/2yrs

I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one in the same situation. My 2 1/2 year little girl does the exactly the same thing. Yes and I have tried the reward and everything. In the end my husband said to me to wait up till she is ready. She does love wearing her training pants but refuses to do anything in the potty. My parents agree with me that she is not ready yet. That she hasn't given any signs. She is an smart girl, but in the end I have to let nature takes it's cause. And let her do it when she is ready. Also they have to get to know their own bodies to. It is all so new to them. So I do understand what you are going through to and it doesn't help when other people around you tell that you should have started training them earlier. I am telling you this that it doesn't matter when you start, it is only when they are ready and no sooner.

21/2 yr girl

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