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scarry toilet Rss

hi um i have a 20 month old girl i have been putting her on ther toilet at night before bath sometimes she goes sometimes she dont i have one off them seats that go ont he loo, anyway make the strory short shes started day care shes been going there for a short time and just this one day i got herhome then it was bath time i went to put her on it and she freakkkkkkkkkkked out screaming glinging to me so i left her away from it for a week and a little then the other night i went to put her back on it and was stillt he same so ia sked the carer if anythign happened if she went near her loo or anything she said no so can anyone help pls as i dont wanna stop not putting her on it do i need to try and get a potty and try that way reason i dont wanna stop is because shes been takeing her nappy allll the time and now she can undress her selfh

ple need some idear

thanks ness

venessa,nsw, 3 year old girl, #2: EDD 17/7/07

Hi Ness,

We have a pooh bear teddy bear sitting on our toilet cistern. He watches our son go to the toilet, and then pooh bear gives him a hug and says hooray! Pretty daggy, i know, and our son does go if pooh bear isnt there like at the shops or somewhere. But when we started TT it was a huge help. Maybe you could put something in your loo that she likes!


The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Ok, you need to talk to other mothers with children at the daycare to see how their kids are with the loo. A daycare carer isn't going to tell you if something happened with the toilet, they want to keep your business. If it's not that, then perhaps a little potty would be less scary? My 20 month old won't go near the toilet potty but he will sit on his little potty. Some people would tut-tut me for this, but have you tried bribery? *grin* I know what you mean about taking the clothes/nappy off, during nap time I often find my son in his birthday suit with a lovely wallpainting of number 2's for me to clean up and a big puddle on the floor next to his cot!

Sebastian's mum, WA

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