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Pullups? Lock Rss

Hi just wondering if anyone has used these and how did they asorb if there was a lil accident(wee)? whats the smallest size they come in? and just generally have you been happy with them? i am just looking to get some for my daughter.

thanx Nat
not sure of the smallest size they are ok for wees but a bit messy with a poo but they dont hold much wee not too god during a long nite the dry nites are better but they dont have a real small size

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I think they're a great idea and have been very happy with them. My sisters have both used them as a night time pant and have had no problems. I think they are a good transition from nappy to undies. It takes the stress out of thoose early days of TT for both of you.

Good luck, it's one of those challenges that everyone asks about.


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