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Is she stubborn or not ready?????? Lock Rss

My daughter is 25 mths and I have just been through my first disasterous week of trying to toliet train her. We bought the big girl pants (trainer pants) and also pull- ups and poo bear undies. I ask her to tell me when she needs to do a wee and i take her to the toliet every 1/2 hour through the day and we use a pull-up for nights. After the first day of 12 wet pants and lots of screaming, I was finding it hard to even get her to go in the toliet. She understands that when you need to do a wee/poo you go to the toliet as when i need to go i jump up and down and tell her quick mummy needs to do a wee where do i go?? and she grabs my hand a runs me to the toliet.(we have also done this with every toy she has).On day 3 she started to scream for her nappy on and wouldnt put her pants on no matter what(let her go naked).We have not got even 1 tiny wee in the toliet yet and on day 4 after sitting for the 7th 20min stint in the toliet she finally got off and within 2 mins wet her pants. I am confused as to whether she is just trying to get her own way or is she is just not ready yet!!I dont want to make it a scary experience but the entire house has tiny puddles everywhere. Please help any advise would be apprehaited.

qld 2yo daughter

Just a question do you have a potty or does she use the toilet???

Kym, SA, mother of Emma 9, Rhiana 2 & Chyane 1

sorry children and computers not a good mix.

We had lots of problems with our 2 1/2 year old with toilet training and i couldnt get her to sit on a potty yet alone a toilet then i found out that the potty i had came in 2 parts and it pinched her so she wouldnt sit on it.

we went to Big W spent $7 and bought a new all in one potty and she now takes herself to the potty but my husband also used that if she weed in the potty i would give her a jelly bean. i have had a great 2 days so far and she takes herself and tells me she has done it. we dont always get a jelly bean but it did help.

now to get her to do poo's in the potty aarrgghhh!

my advice make sure she is comfortable on the potty and give her a book or watch HI 5 or something she likes thats on tape or dvd while on the potty and just be paitent. but pullups are the best thing for day training if you dont want lots of mess and laundry and my suggestion is to not get rid of sleep and night nappies just yet either.
i found it helped if i left her with those nappies.

i hope this all helps and i know how frustrating it is but hey hang in there cause when it works its great

Kym, SA, mother of Emma 9, Rhiana 2 & Chyane 1

I had the same problem with my daughter Kate. I have read several books and they say that if they are being "stubborn" to leave it for the timebeing. Maybe your anxiety is getting to her. I am finding this with Kate. If I leave her alone with the potty she does a wee in it. If I constantly ask her "do you need potty" she wees in her highchair. Extremely fustrating but we are nearly back to the stage of nappies! Good luck!!!


In my opinion, shes not ready. Why not stop and get back to it in a few weeks? Shes still quite young and there's no rush is there?
You need to be careful that you dont turn this into a fight or fear related issue. If you just calmly go back to nappies until she shows you she's ready then you will most likly go better.
Rewards work better than punishments.
You can always try again later. MY CHN said to leave it for a few weeks and try again if they are not getting it straight away. I read somewhere (???) recently that children are more likely to TT in a few days the closer they are to their 3rd birthday. Much earlier and they can regress or something like that.

Good luck


Hey thanks everyone for the advice, it has been great to have some feedback. We have decided to just let it go for a while and try again in a few months. I do think she may have picked up on my anxiety a little and I certainly dont want this to become an issue now as she has a very determined personality. I am not in any rush so I am happy to just leave it a while and she will let me know when she is ready. Thanks again for the advice i feel much better about my decision and feel it is best for her and not just a cop out on my part. Seeya!!

qld 2yo daughter

I had the same problem with my daughter Isabella she would not put on the undies and screamed to put her nappy back on, so I let it go for a couple of days and started again this went on for 2 weeks. Finally one day she went to the toilet. i found out that she was just not ready at that point in time but soon after she would go on her own accord.

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