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what age do i start Lock Rss

my daughter is 14 months old she seems like she is ready to go potty she gets undressed and trys to sit on the potty but im not sure if i should start now can u help what is the right age to start
My son was 15 months old yesterday and I am wondering the same thing. He has been telling me for about two months now that he is going to do a poo. I will check his nappy and it is clean and then a few minutes later he will say "poo mummy" and when I check his nappy it is dirty. So he definately knows when he needs to go but I am just not sure if I should just put him on the toilet when he tells me he wants to go the first time. I don't want to scare him!

My babies are all grown up sad

i think that if your child is displaying those signs there is no harm in putting them on the potty and taking it one step at a time, when there is success use praise etc and if it continues then make the switch to undies, if not the exposure to potty use will help in the long run

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my son was nearly 3 before we has success with toilet training. we bought 2 different pottys which didnt work then we bought him one of those toilet seats from big w with the 2 steps and he loved it. they do say that girls can be toilet trained before boys becasue they are smarter smile !!
also we decorated the toilet with pictures of like bob the builder, blues clues, etc
just put aside a week to stay at home and put your daughter on the toilet every half hour or so. if she does a wee or poo in the toilet make a huge fuss about it, ring grandma or give her a special treat. we made a reward chart for caleb which worked well. anyway good luck

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A child can't toilet train prior to 18months of age. They don't have the physiological nervous pathways to the brain properly developed until then. Lots of parents claim to have their child 'trained' prior to this age. But it is the parents putting the child on the potty @ the 'right' time and not the child actually having the bladder tone telling the brain that they need to go now. I agree that familiarity with the toilet and potty will help to allay fears when ready to train.

Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

I read somewhere recently that the age of TT is now closer to their 3rd birthday.

Good luck with what ever you decide.


Hi too everyone out there I am only new to this. I am a mother of six ages from 15 - 17months old and from what i have experienced from the first 2 older children ( 1 boy then 1 girl ). With my 1st 2 kids tried to tt but they are now bed wetters but getting better my 3rd boy took his nappy off at 2 1/2 and never looked back my 4 th girl did the same at approx 18 mon 2 yrs and my 5th boy did it on his own at 3yrs and he hasn't looked back. I am just hoping the last boy now 17months will follow in his siblings foot steps ( the last 3 kids i hope )

Michelle,QLD, mum of six

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