My daughter was 2 in September. For her birthday see got a baby doll who has her own potty. Whenever 'baby' wakes up my daughter usually puts her on the potty. At the same time as 'baby', my daughter likes to have her nappy taken off so that she can sit on her potty as well. Sometimes she will sit there forever, but never does anything. Within five minutes of getting off the potty and putting her nappy back on, she pees. My daughter is able to hold her wees for quite sometime during the day now, so every now and then when she has been dry for awhile, I ask her if she needs to go to the toilet, or hop on her potty. Usually she says no, and she stays dry for ages afterwards. Any suggestions as I would love to get her out of nappies. I'm a bit worried about letting her run around the house in just training pants, because when she pees, she just about floods us out of the house.