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wont sit on potty or toilet Lock Rss

my 2 yo freaks out and goes stiff when u try to put her on the toilet or potty
have tried the leave pants of thing but she waits until you have turned your backk to wee / poo then she keeps saying clean up
have tried pullups she thinks they are a nappy and just pees in them shes not silly she knows what she is supposed to do and has used the potty a couple of times before a bath my husband just says let her go
what do i do

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins

First of all dont freak out about it. As if she can sense your anxiety about toilet training then she is going to dig her heals in even more. Maybe just go back to nappies for a little while. There is no great rush to be toilet trained. If a child is not ready when we say they should be ready they are just going to dig their heals in and not co operate, dragging the training out to be longer than necessary. I found with my son that I was in a great rush a couple of months ago to toilet train him and every time I tried to sit him on the toilet he would go all stiff and not get on there. I even bought him the rolls royce in little kiddie toilet seats called a cushie toushie, but to no avail!!!! I have decided that there is no great rush to toilet train him and that hopefully in the next few months of summer it will start to happen. I am not going to push the issue though. Good luck with it, if you do want her trained by a certain time though then maybe stop all attempts for the next couple of weeks. No mention of toilets or wees or poos on the toilet or potty, anything she does she does in her nappy. Then when all is forgotten about the first attempt start to introduce the potty, before meals and after meals, allow her to come to the toilet with you and see how mummy sits on the toilet. Ask her if she wants to try too when mummy is finished or if she wants to sit on the potty while mummy is on the toilet. Take the potty into the lounge room and allow her to sit on it while she is watching tv, she may surprise herself one day when she is relaxed and somthing just pops out.

Good luck with it all, I hope some of these suggestions have helped!!!!!

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