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wetting his pants again Lock Rss

I have an issue I have never heard about before. My 3.5year old son has been toilet trained since he was 20months. He never has accidents, he always makes the toilet. He is my 5th child and this last week, oh boy, he wee's and poo's his pants and doesn't even seem to be aware of it. It is as if he has never ever been trained at all. I have a urine test done which is clear, so now I have been putting nappies back on him to protect my car, the furniture and the stores. AArgghh - I don't know what to do with this at all. Also there is no major change happening either in our life at the moment so I figure that is all o.k. I'll let you chew on it anyway.
No major changes??? Think about that one for a sec, it could be something happening in your life or something in his at kindy (if he goes) it could be one of a million things, putting nappies on him again might be a solution for now but if it is an attention thing it will only result in him going backward I feel, I could be wrong hey Im no expert, Ive got 3 kids and it can be very trying, far out 5 kids dont you know that you need a BIGGER TV AND A HEATER AND A NEW DOONAH.............ha ha, give me a hoy if you have no [email protected]
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