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Taking nappy off in bed (nearly toilet trained) Lock Rss

I have a 2 and a half year old son who is started tiolet training he has mastered wee's but not up to going to bed without a nappy. I have had the problem that when he wakes up he takes his nappy off in his cot and then wee's in his cot. I am at my wits end on what to do about this problem. If any one has any suggestions or experiences please reply.

Jo NSW , Toddler

AT the childcare centres, if they are having problems with toddlers taking off nappies, they put them on back to front. Children find it harder to take it off. I have tried this with my 18 month old, and it works, unless they are pullups. I have also at some stages resorted to putting plastics back over the top, but that can be too hot in summer.
If you receive any other suggestions - I would love to hear them too.

Vic, 18 mnth old

Hi joanne.

im michelle from Manchester in england. i have a 3 year old who still in nappies at night time. taking a nappy off during the night ,may be telling you that he wants toilet at night.

bit of a pain but set alarm every hour in his bedroom will wake him, that will remind him of toilet
he will then get used to getting up during the night
no more wet cots..

shell great britain

hi, my 3year old won't put a nappy on to go to bed at nigths,he has been like that for about2-3 months.but if he wets his bed he does not wake up to the morning.he is dry 5 out of 7 nigths.

kirsty, new zealand

hey there i am a mother of 3 been there and i now have a 1 year old boy again ok i use to put the nappie on back woods and put tape on it as well and then he or she could not get the nappie of i hope this will help and hi its nice to meet u to and good luck hun
hi Jo
How frustrating!!!
One Idea may be to put your toddler in a bed where he is able to get up out of bed and go to the toilet, maybe a night light on if it is still dark when he wakes. I have found that button up singlet rompers are excellent for keeping on the nappy. I can only find up to size 2 and my son is quite tall so I bought a larger size singlet and put press studs on the bottom of the hem so I could button them up. He cant get to his nappy now!!!!
Worth a go
melissa - toddler 2 and baby 5 mnths

mel mum of 2 monsters

my 26 month old daughter was taking her nappy off in bed, so I got her pull ups. If you point out the mickey mouse to him and point out how great they are maybe he will. Seeing himself in something different may work for a while or not at all.

Also have you thought about putting him in a bed, that way he'll get out of bed and hopefully come into your room. Prop a pillow at the side that way he won't fall out.

Who know just a couple of suggestions.

Juanita, SA, 2yr and 5 yr old daughters

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