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I have a 2yr 5 mth old son who shows little interest in the toilet. I can sometimes get him to have attempts at sitting on the toilet but he soon loses interest and co-operation. He will wear undies but will not go to the toilet when he needs to go, he will just wet where ever he is standing/sitting.
I ask him if he wants to go to the toilet on regular intervals & take him to the toilet but with little success. He is in daycare 2 days a week and when i send undies with him he always comes home with them still in his bag and a nappy on.
I feel like just pulling my hair out and screaming when this happens as it means i have to start all over again.
I would love for him to be toilet trained as I also have a 4 month old daughter.
Please can anyone give me some helpful advice?

Fiona, boy 2.5 yrs, girl 4.5 mths

The day after he has a few days break from daycare like the weekend put him on the toilet every 40 mins. Don't ask him, just say 'ok it's time for the toilet'. He may not use it all the time but after a couple of days he will get the idea of it. It may help also for his Dad to take him in and show him how he uses the toilet.
Also let the Daycare know he is being toilet trained and you want their full cooperation, don't put nappies in his bag.
Don't stess to much either he is still young and boys don't always want to learn about TT until they are nearly 3.


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