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Toilet training a 12 month old - is it possible? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

I am new to the toddler section of this forum. My daughter is almost 1 year old (in 2 weeks) and I have just bought a potty as my mother and mother-in-law say that 9-12 months is a good time to introduce the potty (my husband was toilet trained by 13 months).

I can not see the harm in introducing it to her but I really don't think she is ready to start proper toilet training.

I would love to hear from mums who have successfully toilet trained early and how they went about doing it. Also - where can I buy some training pants and do they work?

The plus side of toilet training early is that I am expecting our second child early March and it would be good if my daughter was out of nappies during the day at least. Am I being too optomistic??


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Hi Kristi,

I dont have any experience with toilet training at 12 months, as we have only just started the process with our almost 2yr old daughter. However, I have been doing allot of reading up on the subject. I think toilet training so early must have been the done thing back then as afew people I know were trained by 12months 30 or so years ago aswell. Regardless of what your mum and MIL tell you, you have to do whats right for you (as they're not the ones who have to do it).

The general advice I have foud on the net and in various books is to start training when your child shows most of the signs of readiness and not before. It is a lot easier to toilet train if your child is both physically and emotionally ready.

Some ways to identify if they are ready is if they can understand what "wee, poo, dry, wet, clean, dirty and potty" mean, can follow simple directions like "lets go to the potty and lets you know when she has a dirty nappy.

Some other things that will help the process along would be to get some books you can read together about going potty, and investing in a doll that can wee - everytime dolly does a wee on the potty, throw a huge party and show your daughter this is what happens whenever she successfully uses the potty.

As for training pants (if u mean pull-ups), I didnt find them to be useful at all, as Jaida still thought of them as nappies. If you can stand cleaning up the mess for a while, they do tend to train quicker by going staright to undies as they can feel the wetness much more.

Anyway, just remember that toilet training should be a fun and exciting experience for both you and your child.

Hope this has helped - let us know how u go.

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

You can buy padded, towelling training pants at places like Best and Less. Quite cheap, too.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

I've seen those towelling training pants and was wondering how they actually work and if they were any good. Also I guess you would wash them just like you would cloth ones?

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

It is mearly impossible to toilet trian a child by 12mths as a child does not have bladder control until they are approxmantly 1 1/2 yrs old.
And then it still depends on the maturity of the child n how much they are shown and understand what going to the toilet is all about.

And I don't think trianing pants work as the child still has a "nappy" on and know that they won't make a mess and that it is okay to do there business in napopies and training pants aren't much different

amanda nsw mum of 2 preg with 3rd

My daughter never liked wet nappies, everytime she had a wet nappy she'd take it off. When she was about 9months old I brought a potty and everytime I changed her nappy I would put her on the potty. Within 2-3 moths she was in knickers and toilet trained. Evey now and then she'll be too pre-occupied in what she is doing and forget to go.

Sandra, Mother 2yrold & 3month old

found this website and thought it was interesting!

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

wow this topic has brrought out some controversy hasnt it!!
My daughter Hannah is 13 months old and we have a potty and i sit her on it whenever i go to the toilet. I admit i at this point i have yet to seriously get into the "training" though i do feel it is better to start young rather then leaving it till they are older.
Maybe it will take Hannah until she is older, im not going to say if i start her now its going to be easy or that she will take to it straight away.. who knows.

But seeing how fast she is learning and developing and catching on to things is there really any harm in trying to teach her.? For me, when i am told to wait until she is "ready" , i am quite confused, how does she know she is ready if she has never been taught?
It is really great to read both sides of the stories and i hope it all works out for everyone whatever they decide to do.

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

wow.....after reading all these posts im just turned of further into toilet training my DS just yet. My little fellow is 19 months old and i really dont even think about toilet training him at this many other things going on for him. He's my "baby" and its just another milestone im happy to have around until HE is ready.
My elest son was TT quite early and my second son very late, so 11 years on im not about to push any toileting issues onto 'any' child.
Have you ever heard of a healthy teenager or older still in nappies? I know i havent so i really dont see what the big fuss is. Your child WILL go to the toilet adventually when HE/SHE is ready.

P.S : I work in childcare and come from a very large family (all with lots of children) and i havent heard of an infant toilet trained under six months...not saying it not possible...but why bother???

Regard Belinda
Adam 13, Ethan 11, Lachlan 19 months.

mother of 3 sons...13 years, 11 years & 19 months.

My mum always says that I was toilet trained at 13 months too. I have 2 older brothers and she says that training a girl is way easier than a boy (I only have 2 girls so not sure about that one). I think cloth nappy babies seem to pick it up easier than disposables too due to the wet/cold feeling. This may be why is was 'easier' in the past/olden days.
I believe you can train a child at any stage, just depends how much effort you want to put into it. When people say that you have to wait for the child to be ready it just means that that makes it way easier for the parents.
If you feel she is ready, then go for it!
My daughter is now 15 months old and will 'say' (more like tug at her nappy and babble) sometimes when she needs to go. Unfortunately she won't sit on the potty or the toilet, only pees in the shower LOL, (just on the floor in there, doesn't even need the water running). This started because I encourage her and her sister (3 years) to do a pee in the shower before I turn the water on, I think it is the easiest way for her to see how/what Mummy and sister do (yes I pee in there too). Obviously she has picked it up from is as she does it now too.
So long as you and your daughter are 'having fun' and there is no pressure, only lots of praise and encouragement, I say go for it!

When I was a baby my mum would notice the signs of a poo coming (a red face, etc) and hold me over the toilet to do it. She said it saved so much washing as back then there were only cloth nappies. Children are toilet trained much later these days and I think a lot of it has to do with the convenience of disposable nappies. Imagine having to wash your child's nappies for 3-4 years. That would have been unheard of when I was younger.

I say go for it!!

My dh's friend has 2 daughters. They started tt the youngest from 4months. They used to hold the baby over the toilet and the baby would do no. 2 or whatever. I really feel that every child is different (as you would tell by my recent whinging on this subject). You tt your child when you think they are ready. xx

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