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Toilet training...he just won't go! Lock Rss

Hi everyone

We're trying to get our 2.5 year old to start using the toilet but he just won't go!

Is 2.5 too young? Is it that he's just not ready? How can we get him to stop being so scared of going?

I think part of the problem is that we also have a one year old and, where he now gets attention because he's walking, eating, learning new things etc our oldest has stopped swimming classes with daddy...he swims on his own now; he's in the big class at day care and now we're trying the toilet too. I almost feel like him refusing to go is his way of staying "close to us" because it means we have to change his nappy.

We have the reward chart in the toilet, we have pull-ups and we ask him everyday if he wants to go but it's always no, no, no. Sometimes he will sit on the toilet, other times he will scream the house down. Only once, in the last month, has he actually woken up and said "I need to go toilet or I will wet all over the floor"...we took him and he actually went BUT, he hasn't been near the place since!

Any ideas or, do we just wait a while?

Thanks, again!

I would say he's definitely not ready.
If you like you could leave the chart up in case he decides to do it again, but I probably wouldn't even mention it for a few weeks.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

I agree with the above! With my two when they were ready it worked "easily". There was still accidents of course, but there was progress and a willingness to do it smile
Thanks guys...looks like that might just be the way forward then!

Yes Raspberry Sundae...he's one on Wednesday...already! And, what a year it has been...!
Have you tried taking him to the toilet with Daddy and getting them to stand together to do a wee, use a ping pong ball to both aim at if you want to. My twins tt at 14 months and my son started by standing up and doing a wee with Daddy.
I also have a little boy at work (child care centre) at the moment who is almost 3 and has been fighting his parents for about 6 months by screaming the house down to go to the toilet, I have changed rooms and in there with him and I asked them if they tried getting him to stand, he resisted for us too with the sitting, but once he did it standing he has been doing amazing with it all both at home and centre.
I haven't tried standing Kazzzav...silly me! I really never even thought about it haha!

I will get my hubby to take him and stand with him when he's home...see how that goes! Thanks!
I have 4 children and have just started my youngest (21mths )in undies this week. She had started pulling at her nappy a few times trying to take it off and when I took it off for her and said "go and do a wee" she did. So far 2-3 accidents a day so going well.
With all my babies from when they can walk, I have a potty in bathroom and encourage them to sit there in the nude when waiting for the bath to fill. While they hear the water noise sometimes we'd catch a wee and cheer, so setting up a positive association.
So now although my daughter is on the young side she's showing a few signs that she is ready to start.
Some people have success if they let the toddler go pant less for a few days/weeks while learning too.
Generally boys are a bit later than girls so go easy on yourself, take a break and leave it for a while. My children's gender and she toilet trained are as follows-
Bub 1 girl was 3 1/2 yrs ( I felt like a failure),
Bub 2 boy 2 1/2 yrs,
Bub 3 boy 3 yrs
and now 21 mth girl starting...
Hope this helps.
I got one of those 3 day methods. BEST decision EVER. There are a few different ones, I actually got them all, but this one http://614d750pk1zb4t7pw46pui9v1p.hop.clickbank... was by the far the best. It covered just about ever topic. It outlines the 3 day method in the beginning then has a trouble shooting section for outings, night training, fears, stubbornness, differences between girls and boys, and a bunch more. It literally covered every problem I has having. Highly recommend it. It has cheesy marketing, but it's a great program
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