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3 day potty training Lock Rss

My daughter is 3 and we are having so much trouble with potty training. Would be glad for any help and would lave to have the guide emailed to me.

[email protected]

Thanks for any tips
I am looking for any suggestions for my son. I heard there were simple methods. I would love to know your secret. Please email a desperate mother of a 3 year old at [email protected] Thank you so much in advance. I want to applaud any mother that has more than one child and has potty trained all of them. I am struggling with just one. Please help
Hi There,

I would love a copy as well. My son is close to 2.5years I tried him once last month and he had close to 8 accidents in a day. My DS was trained at 2.4years in 2 days and was way easier. If you could email me please to [email protected]


[email protected] thank you mums so much I can't wait to get started
If someone could please email me the 3 day TT guide that would be great - my 22 mth son seems keen to start (tells me when hes done poo, sometimes before its happened; asks to sit on toilet and gets excited watching me on the loo and waiting for 'plop'!). Very nervous about starting! My email is [email protected] Thanks smile
Any chance someone can e-mail it to me too ? [email protected]

xXx You can buy the e-book for about $25, but this link was sent to me by a friend who has used this method with success in 4 days for her 24mth girl and it gives a brief rundown of the method. We are setting a date soon for our 3-day training weekend - very nervous as it sounds messy!
Apparently there's also a blog on 'cafe mums' site that tells about one mums experience, so maybe check that out too. Good luck to you all smile
if u go to she has a 2 day toilet training technique which i am trying. im on day 2 with little progress
Hi everyone!
I'm currently TRYING to TT my 2years4months daughter and would love a copy of the three day guide if you think it's helpful?
If you wouldn't mind would it be ok if someone emailed me a copy to -
[email protected]
Thanks so much, I hope everyone is having success! x
Hi all,

I have been following this thread and can see that many are advising success with this product. Can someone please please please send me the email. [email protected]. 26 month DD and I believe she's ready to kiss her nappies good bye.

Thank You so very much grin
Hi all,
would love it if someone could please email me the guide to?
My emial is [email protected]

About to start training my little one just not sure how to go about it. Hope your all doing well with the TT.
hey ladies, website is
this is a 2 day tt guide, worked with my daughter before her old daycare centre petrified her off the toilet
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