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Pot for Boy - suggestions please Lock Rss

Can any mothers of boys out there please recommend a potty for my son?

I bought a cheap one but I think if he sits on it, his pee is going to shoot straight over the top even though it does has a slightly raised front.

We aren't quick at the TT stage but maybe in the summer.
sorry meant to say...aren't quite at the TT stage!!
Hi Shazza
I had the same concerns with my son. I ended up buying him what they call a wee-man, it's a little mini bowl that hangs on the side of the toilet and the boys can stand up to wee, just like daddy. If you want him to sit down you can buy potty's that have a raised bit in front that stop all the spirts and drips. Looks just like a chair but the centre comes out for easy cleaning. Hope this helps and good luck with everything
Hi everyone,

I am not quite at this stage with my son, but have watched my nephew learn. My sister has always taught him, and did it herself in the early days, to push down his bits, when he sat on the toilet or potty. They have to learn to aim anyway, so why not start on the toilet.

Just another idea for you,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


I taught my son to push his penis down. I also taught me NOT to wee on the seat. . He had no problems doing number ones but he did have a problem with number twos. He refused to do them and would wait for up to 4 days. We tried a whole heap of different pottys but then I was told by my doctor that this is quite normal as he thinks that he is losing some part of his body through the sensation of doing number twos. It then took me several months for me to train him into doing number twos.

Best of luck

Adina, ACT, 4 years and one on the way

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