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Twin 1 still has trouble controlling wee's Lock Rss

Hi Im Leisa,

My first twin has gotten to the stage of controlling and going toilet to do poo's. He is 3 yrs old and know exactly what to do and tells me exactly what he must do, he is able to pull up and down his pants and trousers and relates the method very clear and exact. He is a very active boy and seems only interested in playing, no great will to sit for long and up till this point would never tell me he is wet. I have just tried huggies pullups yesterday and today he had managed to tell me all day that he has wet and towards end of day had told me before going. But am concerned this is not really proress rather my telling constantly for reminders and that parents-in laws toilet was a novelty. So am wondering other than the huggies tips does anyone have idea's on getting a disobediant and not willing to sit and learn child to do the right thing. He isn't very paitent child to sit and listen, and does'nt like me telling him alot.

Mrs L. Commins

Mrs. L Commins

Hi Leisa, i too have twins (boy/girl) and have found it extremely hard to teach the boy T/T. They are 2 & 9mths! Twin 2 (being a girl) watched my 5 year old daughter constantly and does everything that she does. So she taught herself to go from the age of 2.However my son thinks its a game.He can use the toilet successfully as he has proven but still poos and wees in his nappy. Pullups were never a success, he thinks they are fancy nappies! I still havent had a lot of luck but I have heard that boys are slower than girls (generally). Just hang in there,I know I am,and dont listen to judgemental people.Our guys will be ready when they are ready!!!! PARIS05


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