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Twos trouble, any suggestions? Lock Rss

I've been trying to toilet train for some time but there is a definate problem with number twos as Jacob tries to hold it in and end up getting constipated then there is refusal to even go near the toilet for wees cause he doesnt want to poop, also I cant get him interested in eating when this is going on cause his poor tum is to full, I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the food I give him, I tend to think it is more psychological as he slipped into the toilet once when he was smaller and thinks it might happen again, he usually stands to wee>

Any advice is welcome! please

Happy Mum

Hi. Is your son using a potty? If so, I've heard it can be helpful to line the potty with a nappy, then have you son sit on the potty. That way, they think they are using a nappy and are happy to let go. Then gradually take the nappy away until they are using just the potty.

Viv, mum of Cam & Dan

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