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Help, how do i keep going??? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I need help!!!! I have a 22month old girl, she has been going to the potty but she wees on herself a little first then she'll do the rest in the potty.

How do i get her to go before she starts to pee on herself?????


I would possibly ask her frequently if she feels like she needs to use the potty but I wouldn't worry too much, she's doing fantastically well for her age! Congrats on a good job, hope it continues to go well!
set the oven timer to go off every 45 mins or so & just take her to the toilet saying its toilet time now

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Try to encourage her to go, we used a potty chart from the internet she gets a sticker every time she goes, at first for just attempting to do it and now only when she does a wee. She thinks it is great, and she gets a surprise when she fills up her chart. We tried to get her used to the toilet by getting her fav doll to sit and pretend to go too. she also got a sticker!! Try to make it fun place to be without encouraging them to play in the bathroom or toilet. She loves washing her hands when she finishes too.
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