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Wont leave on any clothes or nappy... Help!!! Lock Rss

HI there.

I was wondering if anyone has had probs with their children with not wanting to wear any clothes and takes off nappy all the time.

My son is 2yrs and i have been trying to TT for a few months now and we have got to a stage where he refuses to use the potty or toilet anymore and wants to wee on his carpet in his room or just on the floor any where.

I dress him in the mornings and no sooner have i put on his nappy and shorts he has ripped them off again.. This continues all day and night

Then he will wee any where he wants..

I have tried I think almost everything in tryin to get him to wee in the potty or toilet but it just isnt working.

What am i doing so wrong why is he acting like this???

I am finding that i am really frustrated with him and i get very mad as he knows that what he is doing is totaly wrong..

Any help would be great..


Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

lol i have the same problem with my 1 1/2 year old daughter. she hate her nappies and does what ur son is doing,

she always pulls her nappie off after a sleep even before i know she is awake. she thinks its funny and crys if i try to put it back on.

if u want to talk
[email protected]

Shazz and beautiful Sarah

Hi there my son is 2hlf and he has been doing the same, taking his undies and pants off and at times refusing to put them back on, now if he is going ouside I tell him the birds will think he has a worm, or the ants might bite his bottom and he puts them back on. Sometimes I think he just finds it easier to go to the potty or toilet if they are already off, also I have found that because he doesn't like doing number twos sometimes he refuses to go near the toilet even for a wee.
It seems so endless at times because we try so hard to get them to go every time cause they had a good progression and then it crashes for whatever reason, its a big guessing game that sometimes sends me bonkers too..

Good luck hope I've helped!

Happy Mum

Hi Tanya,
Not a solution to TT but if you want to keep the nappy on him, try putting it on back to front, with the tabs behind him.
My daughter decided to be a nudist at about 19 months, which is when we started to put her on the potty as soon as she started to wee. She now wees in the potty, and if she is dressed she will hold it, take off her clothes (all of them, shirt included!) and wee in the potty still. Poo however gets done where ever she is at the time it comes knocking! Nappy, floor, knickers, but not in the potty!
Hope you have some luck soon!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

just had to have a wee chuckle at this story as this is my 22month old all over! she refuses to wear any clothes on the bottom half, including socks despite it being the middle of winter! is more than happy to do poos and wees all over the floor but refuses the potty!and if she ever dirtys her nappy during the night she will get up and take it off,leave it on the floor ,then get back in when i go to check on her i get a real shock i would be interested in any solutions too!i must say putting on her nappy does somtimes deter her as she gets sick of trying and eventually gives up!

carrie,25,kiwi living in oz

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