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Around 10 days ago my almost 2yo dd started taking off her nappy in the morning & taking me to the toilet to wee. She did that everyday & it got harder to put her nappies back on, so last Sun I bought her a toilet step & seat & some undies and she was more excited than Xmas! She'd wanted undies & shown interest in the loo for 6mths so I figured she must be ready.

Sun afternoon, Mon & Tues were great with her using the loo w/out any accidents. We even went out for 3hrs & she used a toilet there. She was very excited & hyper, spent alot of time running around the house like a lunatic yelling 'big girl!'. She also decided she wants a bed instead of her cot & would jump into her step-sister's bed with teddy when she goes for her nap & we had a few probs getting her into her cot. Then all of a sudden the tantrums were back. She started the T2s at around 18mths old but they'd been getting better & she'd been really good for a few wks. Wed & Thurs the tantrums were worse than ever & she had a few accidents. Since Fri she's pretty much refused going the toilet at all.

I'm not sure what to do, she knows exactly when she needs to go & can do it all but has decided not to. I *think* she's freaking out a bit about it all and that's why the tanties came back but I'm not sure. Is it normal for bad behavior to creep in when they tt? Do you think I should stop & wait til she's ready again or is there something I can do now to help her? I read that putting them back in nappies can crush a toddler. Any ideas would be great!

I know the feeling . I have 2 1/2 year old tboy/girl twins. I am finding it really hard to toilet train. My 7 year old was toilet trained at 18 months old-so i have been really slack. If anyone has any idea about twin toilet training it would be much appreciated!
ANd good luck to your toilet training too

Kylie, NSW, 7year od and 2 year old twins

HI Mel,

My DD is 2.5 and we are a few weeks into toilet training now and doing pretty well. She still has a nappy at night and when we go out just in case, i think im not ready yet haha!

Anyway - i tried about a month before, went pretty much the same as you and we had too many accidents etc so i just put the nappies back on and waited a few more weeks til she told me she was ready again. I dont know if it was the right or wrong thing to do but it worked for us.

I kind of went all light hearted and said 'oh well we can try again soon' didnt make a big deal out of it.

I have never pushed her to tt though, just sort of waited for her, i have too many other battles with sleep and eating etc to get in a fight about toilets with her!!!

Dont know if i helped at all but good luck and let me know how you go.
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