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Please help tt before new arrival Lock Rss

Please if anyone can help with ideas. My son is 2yrs 4mths and I would like to have him a least day trained before new baby in 5.5mths. I am finding it relly challenging plus I work 3 days a week so it is not consistent. He will sit on the toilet but with his nappy on, but nothing else. Very occasionally he will sit without a nappy but that is normally to put off going for a sleep!!. I would like some ideas to make it before bubs gets here.
cj's mum,

I had the same problem with my son, but he was just 2 when i got pregnant with no 2 and he decided he wanted 2 go 2 the toilet but i was to sick to get up. It didn't go as well as i hoped but after awhile he got used to the potty and i read him stories so that he was pre-occupied. He still has a few accidents now, he's nearly 3 but im sure he will go when he is ready. and trust me i know how frustrating it can b when you sit them there and they just sit and do nothing for an hour, but just try to get him used to sitting on the potty and when he is used to that try to get rid of the nappy while he is on it.

I don't know if it will work, but if you're like me, anything is worth a shot!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

It just doesn't sound like he's ready yet. There's not much you can do until they decide it's time and it could even delay it if you push him. Plus the birth & maybe even the preg will put him backwards a bit with the tt. Personally I would wait until bubs is around 3-4mths old and cj is really interested and wanting to use the loo before I tried tt.

Try using a rewards board. So every time you even get your son on the toilet without the nappy on he receives a sticker or a stamp. We do this and we have no trouble. However our dilema is that our son now 2.5yrs will happily sit on the toilet or potty and do his business. This is great but he also doesn;t mind when he does it in his undies. once he has done it he lets me know.

We continue to do the reward thing and if he does it in his underwear then he gets a cross on his rewards board. Frequently he will go up to the rewards board and say " Cross - naughty me do wee in undies" so he understands what the right concept is but on a lot of occasions will continue to do it in his underwear.

I also work 3 days a week and on days off our lives are very busy out and about. I think this hinders the speed of toliet training. good luck though.

susy, VIC,24mth toddler

hi i have 2 girls and i really wanted my oldest tt b4 the next one arrived aswell, but as much as i pushed she backed away from it, but about a month after the baby was born she decided to tt and within the first week she was tt during the daytime, and the second week she tt herself to go during the night, so dont push too much and hang in there and it will happen. good luck

mum of 2

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