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should a heavily-pregnant mum worry about toilet training toddler? Lock Rss

Hi ladies

I'm 34 weeks pregnant, my cherub is 2 yrs 4 months and I have a bit of a bug up my bum about toilet training her- for no reason really other than I think she would be fine with it- she sits on the potty or toilet happily enough but very rarely does anything, she's concious of pooing because she asks me to leave the room because she's 'doing poo', but the only thing holding me back is being so pregnant, if that makes sense?

Any suggestions? Should I just wait til the new cherub is born and settled?

I would just wait until it Summer.
Then she a bit older she should understand more.

Do you think she is ready for it?

Good luck with it & your new baby. Amanda.

if you have the energy, (which you may not seen your about to burst! lol)

it might be better to do it now while she is interested and wanting to learn, my friends wee girl, started toilet training and was going really well then she got slack and now her dd has goon back to nappies, i think it might be easier now while you both dont have the destractins of an other baby,

she sounds very ready to be tt so id go for it, just think no more nappies! for one bottom any way lol
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