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Toilet Training Lock Rss


I was so excited when I read your Message as my Daughter is exactially the same and i am wondering how I am going to get through it as well as my health Nurse is giving advise too. And then ther is School next year. How are you going now??

Kelly, WA, Girl 4, 2 boys 3, 16 mth

Hi Keros

Still no luck with Nicholas. He's now approaching 3 and 4 months and has moved up to the pre-school room at kindy as his social skills etc are excellent but no luck with the poos.

He still has never wet the bed and very rarely has accidents by weeing but I'm at a loss about the poos. He tells me it's coming and then he sits on his potty or the toilet and nothing happens. He sometimes tries so hard he pushes the smallest little poo but a real strain. Ten minutes later he's done the whole thing in his pants.

I've even tried giving him extra fibre in a liquid form to soften things up but still no luck. The only relief is that other parents are experiencing the same.

My Kindy is excellent and they are trying and keep telling me not to worry it will come when he's ready. It just seems strange that he's so well adjusted in every other way than the poo. I know he can control it because I say to him when we are going shopping "no poos" and he doesn't and waits till we are home. I really don't know what else to do.


Lisa, Qld, 3yr Nick, 1 on way

Hi Holly and Sue my name is Karen. My son is 2 and 3mths he also wont tell me when he needs to go so every half hour I put him on the toilet where he does a wee. I am begining to despair and just forget the toilet training bit too. Some days he will hold his "willy" and I know he needs to go, others he will just do it in his pants. As for doing a poo sometimes he will go and get a nappy and I know he needs to do one other times in his pants. I have an 11mth old as well so maybe he sees her and the attention she gets. As for going out without a nappy, no way!
I hope you don't mind if i give you a little advice, your message was sent to my email adddress, i must have ticked something the other day which sends messages on toilet training.

Any way, i found with my eldest son, he didn't like to do poo's so i found when it was around the time to go, i would put him on his potty infront of the TV with his fav show and fav treat, these seem extreme and unhealthy, but they took his mind of the job that needed doing and we all ended up happy in the long run, as the more confident he gets with going change the routine so that eventually he goes to the toilet, it may take a while, it may take a week. well good luck, let me know how you go if you choose to use this meathod.

bye for now

my nephew is 5 and still in nappies at home if you have a potty bring it out to the lounge room or somewhere near you put him on for 5 to 10 mins repeat say every hour he will get the idea soon thats what i did with my girls

mum to 3

Hi Keeffes. My daughter also shows no sign of understanding toilet training and she is 2 and a half. I am going to try and give her lots of fluid on the next nice fine warm day and put her in some panties and play outside. I will put her on the toilet every 30 minutes and see if that works. If she goes to the toilet in her panties she may relate the sensation with the wetness and because we will be outside there will be less cleanup problems.
Have you had any new ideas? Goodluck.

sarah, nz, toddler


I have 2 kids, the oldest being 2-1/2 3 in June, but not interested in toilet training, loves being in nappies but we try to tell him only babies wear nappies (his little sister is 10 months). Has done wees on the loo but not interested in actual toilet training, he has Bob the Builder Undies and Pull ups but loves his nappies.HElp!!
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