I have a 2 1/2yr old, who wants to wear jocks one minute, and a nappie the next. He has only done a wee once in the potty. I also have a 4yr and 6yr old. I have not tried the reward chart as I am unsure as to if he would totally understand it. My 4yr trined herself at 20mths, and my 6 yr was not fully trained until he was 4 1/2yr, and I think only because he had the threat of not going to school otherwise.
He likes to go to the loo, more so than the potty but will most likely wee on the floor 5 min after.
Please any help or advice would be great. Am I trying to early? Its just that I live in Townsville, where the sun is literally shining all yr round. And often nappie rash can be a prob.