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When to toilet train?? Lock Rss

Hi girls, I've got a 15 month old, who is quite mature for her age and my Nana's are telling me that I should be toilet training now and that they did it before 12 months old. I kinda think this is too early, and our nurse agrees and says more towards two is the best time. What are your thoughts and how do I go about starting toilet training?


Hi Alana

I have an 18 month boy and I have also been thinking about starting toilet training as he seems to be very interested whenever we go, and sometimes gives us clear signals on when he needs to go. I see there are some other threads on this topic. I will read those and see if we can get some help.

Have fun smile

Margaret, NSW, 18mnth boy Darcy John Leo

Hi, well first things first! I think these Nana's are very useful to have around, but if they had all the kiddies trained by 1(!) We are ALL doing something wrong!! I believe that we live under different pressures these days. A lot of Mum's work, have very busy husbands and cope with a lot of stress. Not to say that these Nana's didn't but I think we have to cope with these decisions in our own way, using our own commonsense and "Mother's intuition". The right time to T.T. is when YOU think it is best for you and your beautiful daughter. There is no perfect formula, (although I've heard girls cotton on a lot quicker than the boys!!) and no perfect time, you just get to a point when you and toddler are ready. I think you will know when that is. Don't feel pressure from anyone. Comparing yourself to others is a disaster and you'll never feel good enough if you do this. SO, may the force be with you!! Good luck!

Lydia,SA,Mum of 4 & 3 yr old boys!

Hi Margaret, Yeah its a strange time, not sure what to do and hear all the old wives tales, but if I listen to our nurse they tell us that the child will let us know and by the sounds of it Darcy is ready to try the big toilet much fun for you...I can;t wait, but Alana will be a little bit longer I think. See what you find. Cheers, Lauren


Hi, I have 4 children my youngest is 13months, i have had a range of times of toilet training, my first was day trained by 12months but didn't night train untill 18months of age, my second she was 2years, both day and night in a week, she was ready, my third wasn't interested untill he was 2and ahalf, i tried at the age of 2 but he wasn't ready, my 4th, i am just thinking when he would be ready, what i'm trying to say is they won't toulet train unless they are ready, listen to your daughter, and watch for signs of wanting to go, the best book to get to help is Totties Potty, which i borrowed from my local Day care centre. i hope this is helpful to you.

bye for now

Hi mine is 2 and is still slowly toilet training but to me i think its when they are ready they cant really get toilet trained until they can understand to hold and are able to hold it and tell you that they need to go and actually go.


I have a 17 month old girl and she has been wanting to sit on the toilet for a couple of months but just won't do anything!! But I have been told it is part of TT!! I HOPE SO!
Hi, my doctor and health nurse informed me that they will do it when they are ready. I did try when she was about 18 months. Didn't work but tried again. Now she tells me when she needs to wee, but only during nappy change. Pooing is another big hurdle since she refuses to be taken to the toilet for it. so as you can see, they are all unique. They will do it when they are ready. don't worry i had the same kind of advice, but i prefer that she does it slow rather than be pressured into it. Less stress for you too. I bet you when it does happen we might be wishing for those precious nappies back.
Lots of luck to both of us.

Joy, VIC, Isabella (2yrs, 6mths)

Hi all!!
My son is nearly 3 and a half years old. When he started showing interest we used to put him on the potty while we were on the toilet and we'd share the time talking about doing wees and poos. He NEVER did anything on the potty, only on the toilet. In the beginning, even if he didn't do anything, he was comfortable sitting there. I'd sit in the doorway talking to him, we'd play with cars and drink our water. as time went on I eventually would just leave him there with a toy and his drink and he's come out and tell me to "come look" if he did ever do anything- I tell you, the party we had when he did his first poo- I rang everyone (just about!). My daughter is nearly 18 months and she is showing interest earlier than her brother and so I'll do what I did with him, when the nappy was ready for a change, the nappy would come off and he'd sit on the toilet. We could wait up to 10 mins at a time unless he was uncomfortable or too tired (a child won't learn if they are lacking rest). If an accident did occur in the pants or nappy then we'd reassure it's ok, only an accident- accidents happen, clean it up and go to the toilet try again. My daughter loves sitting on the potty, nappy and all... I tried one day without the nappy on telling her what she has to do on the potty- to my surprise, I turned my back for a minute, she came up to me potty and all in hand- showing me the wee she had just done. I was only testing her and getting her in the comfort zone and she surprised me the most. that was 2 months ago, nothing since, but we still do tests every now and then.
Thanks and good luck to all.

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

Hi Lauren,

I have a 13 month old little boy who is currently being toilet trained. Toilet/potty has always being in his life from the start. My husband one day came home with a potty that is shaped like a seat. When he was 5 weeks we started putting him on the potty with padding to protect his head etc. Now months on he has now graduated to the "kiddie" toilet seat on the big toilet and is now telling me that he want's to go wee's or walks to the toilet if he is asked if he needs to go. Of course we still have the odd accident.
I don't think any age is too early, they learn from what ever you introduce into their little world.



Mum to Zachariah NSW

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