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Hi,this is my first time on parent exchange. i have 3yr old twin boys and a 6mth old little boy. My dilema is that the twins were fully toilet trained last xmas, with ease. twin 2 broke his leg at easter and ended up in a hip to ankle cast for 6 wks, this however didn't hinder his toileting too much,he still told us when he needed to do a poo. However three wks after getting his cast off, I had our new bub, since then twin 2 has been with holding from doing a poo, he will stop himself for as many as 12 days. i have given him stool softners/laxatives daily but to no avail, he still holds on! When the urge gets too much for him to bear, it can take anywhere form 1 to 4 hrs of sitting on the toilet to finally get him to go. We have tried star charts, hugs, kisses, screaming, bribes, crying, basically everthing we can think of to make the task smoother, he simply tells us that he is either too old or that he just wont do a poo.. after 6mths of constant battles with him, I am at a complete loss. Does anyone either have any ideas?
My sisters sil's son did that, he would hold off for days doing a poo, they thought that if they let him go, he would just have to eventually do ti but he didn't! But, as soon as he would have a nappy on he would do it, they ended up putting a pull up on for him to do a poo for awhile, as they figured it was better for him to do the poo then holding it on. Prob not the best thing to do as they will get used to this and defeats purpose of toilet training, but eventually he just stopped needing the pull up/nappy and did it on the toilet!
Good Luck! Sounds like you've got your hands full there!!!

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Hi twins + 1, my DD1 broke her leg and absolutely loved the extra attention. It sounds as though your DS has found a new way to compete. Have you thought of having an 'official' chat to your GP. I have found that with my DH he will listen to someone else give him the advice he has been ignoring from me.

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