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I have a 2yo daughter who i started to toilet train 3 days ago.. She has been interested in the toilet for a while now so i thought that she would be ready.

She has done a poo in the loo everyday so that was pretty easy if i keep on top of her, and when i notice she grabbs her bum and says uh oh mum its on BUT, wee's is a totally different story.

She has done a half a wee on the toilet twice meaning that i ask her and she says yeah mum and we run to the loo and she's doing it as she sits down but every other time, she wee's else where. I ask her atleast every 10mins and she says no i say come on lets go and check and we sit on the toilet for AGES and she does nothing gets off and like 5mins later wee's on the floor. She grabbs down stairs alot and i ask her when she does if she wants to go to the loo and she says no and the same problem we sit there nothing then 5mins later on the floor, HELP!! Any suggestions on what i can do?

Also everytime she does wee or poo in the toilet she gets upset even tho i'm dancing around the house giving her hi 5's and giving her a sticker for her chart...

This is alot harder than i expected, if i'm feelin like this whats my daughter feeling like...


Cas smile

Cas, Adelaide, 2yo and 10mo

hi there,
it sounds like your daughter is just not ready yet, there is a difference between being bowel trained and bladder trained so if i were you id keep up the bowel training but not hassle her to much about wetting shell eventually realise its far more comfy to use the loo! i tried to train my eldest at 2 and a half but had similar problems to you then when she turned 3 she did it all by herself in less then a week and we took night nappies off at 3 and a half and she has never had an accident, my youngest likes to go to the toilet sometimes but only if she is wearing a nappy if we put pull ups or undies on her then she wets herself i really wanted her trained before number 3 arrives but i think if i just leave it to her she will do it in her own time
i hope this is reassuring for you if nothing else
good luck

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

Hi Cas i am having similar problems i started toilet training Emily who is 2 about 2 weeks ago yet she wont do anything on the potty and 5 mins after she gets off she has an accident.

I am tempted to try her again after xmas but not sure if this is the right thing to do. She is interested in the toilet/potty but just wont do anything on it.

Advice is greatly appreciated.


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