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Help!!! Toilet training not working with 3yr old Lock Rss

Hi All

I have a 3 year old (Milan) who i have been trying to toilet training since January this year. I tried pull ups but found that this was still like wearing a nappy. I spoke to his childcare teacher who advised to go cold turkey and keep him in underpants. So i did this. now he only wears underpants during the day and a pull up at night. I am now losing my patience coz i still need to ask him if he needs to go to the toilet and sometimes have to physically take him there by myself. he sometimes just refuses to sit on it. At childcare i am told he takes himself and will only have a wet accident once every two weeks. however he cannot do a poo in the toilet. he either does it in his pants and walks around with it (yuk!) or waits until the pull up is on...i am getting really frustrated as i have tried everything..the points system, rewards, telling him that only babies like his 5 mth old brother wear nappies, even resorting to putting a baby's nappy on him. He seems to know when he needs to do a poo but refuses to go to the toilet. i am even thinking of putting him back on nappies and trying again about a couple of months later..can anyone help ? coz i am really desperate..buying nappies for 2 kids is too expensive!!!!

Mum of 3 boys

Hi my name is Sue Im 35 years old, Im married with 3 kids. Matthew 5 years old, Sarah 3 years old, jesica 19 months old.

I know how you feel, My daughter Sarah is 3 years old. and Toilet training is a crazy time for us. she wears undies with flowers on then and rainbows but still wets and poos her pants, Sometimes she is ok and goes to the toilet but she plays up so much that she just wets her pants and says she forgets to go to the toilet yeah right!! I keep saying to her if you go to the toilet when you have to do wee and poo I will give you a supprise. she says wow, but wets her pants anyway. I think she does it too spite me, Im not sure, what a pain in the butt!!!! My mother in-law said to me a couple of years ago, girls are easy to potty train an boys are hard to potty train, I don't agree, It depends on the child. and the wheather. But you could try and get a stamp, Does he like stamps? if he does get differents kinds of stamps and say if you go to the toilet I'll give you a stamp on your hand but only if you go to the toilet for mummy!!!, that might work, It worked for my son Matthew when my husband and I toilet trained him when he was 3 years old. and we did it when it was summer in december, early summer. Try that. Good luck!!!! I buy 1 pack of pull-ups for night time size 3, each week, they both fit in them, but they are a little too big for sarah but she still wears them. and they treat the pull-ups like undies too doen't forget, its saves us money too, and I only buy 1 packet of nappies for jessica,

My e-mail is [email protected] you are very welcome to e-mail me anytime. I would love to hear from you. I leave messages in Personal messages in Community section, my id is Keeffes. I have a mothers group on friday afternoons, its a great group. and I also go to a playgroup in South Penrith witch is great too.

Well I have to go now. You can e-mail anytime, I would love to hear from you. and you can ask me anything. I live in Jamisontown, South Penrith NSW.

Im also in Msn messenger, My id in that is the same as my e-mail address. Maybe we can chat in msn messenger sometime if you have it. If not I can send a down load to you if you like. Up to you.

bye for now.

Sue. Jamisontown , South Penrith NSW.
Mother of 3 kids.
Hello. I am mum to 1 nearly 3 year old. I never really tried to TT her other than puting her in knickers and on the toilet. One day she just told us that she didn't want a nappy anymore, all of a sudden she was day and night trained with only a couple of little accidents since.
I think all kids are different and ours just 'made a controling decision for herself. It may have helped that we had never tried to train her, at just over 2 she just did it herself! I can only only hope that our next will be as easy.
The only advice I would offer is to take it easy, I think the harder we try the more power it gives them!
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