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i have a 18mth old son. he seems to show a lot of signs that he wants to be toilet trained like he trys to pull down his pants and take his nappy off everytime he isin front of the toilet. he understands wee and pooh. if i sit him on the toilet he will do a wee most of the time. i think this is because he is babysat by a lady with 3 girls and she is currently training 2 of them they are both 3yrs old and my son always watches them go to the toilet because he knows pants come down, use toilet paper to wipe and flush toilet. any suggestions how to train and is it to early
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Hi, I found with both of my children that they had a false start around 18 months. If your son is really interested why don't you try pull-ups for a while. The only other thing that might make it easier is if you wait for the summer months when they have less clothes to remove. Good luck and I hope you don't have too many accidents.


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