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TT Twins - One done / One to go! Lock Rss

I have twin girls turning 3 in Feb - one is daytime TT and doing really well - we have been using a Rewards Chart for each time she goes as well as singing the Huggies "I'm a big kid now song" when she goes. She just loves to see the Pull-Ups TV ad ! My other twin is not even intereted in wearing undies - everytime I put her sister on the toilet, I put her on she will go to the toilet fine for wees but still insists on wearing her nappy - I have tried Pull-Ups for her and even Big Kids undies but she has been having too many accidents.
She knows when she has done a wee or poo in her nappy and is happy to tell me about it but unless I take her to the loo it is done in her nappy or pull ups - she even says that she'd rather wear her nappy thanks mum! I give up!
Well at least I'm half way there!

karen, QLD, 2yr Twins & 9 mth baby

I had that exact problem with my 3 year old son the problem was fixed when we changed him to cotton boxers instead of jocks. It was something to do with the elastic around the legs. I know it sounds a bit out there but I would suggest trying a pair of boy's cotton boxers, untill she gets a bit older. You don't have anything to loose except toilet training problems, and you never know not haveing elastic around the legs might just help.
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