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For Boys... Lock Rss

When my older son was being toilet trained during summer i found making him 'wee' on the weeds in the back yard helped him control the stop start sensation... also a great help to mum to kill those nasty weeds.
Only took about a week to have him confident enough to try a day.. being the weed killer
hope this is helpful
Wookies Mum

Sue,Mum of 4, Melb

That is so cute smile Unfortunately, my herb garden is in the backyard and I am not inclined to have DS weeing on my herbs =P *grin*

DS is 21mths and I'm toying with the idea of toilet training. He's facinated by the toileting experience...loves to watch me and hubby. He oftens pops his teddy bear on the toilet, wait awhile, then ask "OK?" before giving teddy a hug and say "Good boy!"

He's slowly learning that he can wee, though whenever he tries, he sucks his tummy in and out...why I have NO idea! Today was the first time he did a wee when I told him to - into his nappy just before we went swimming! VERY EXCITED!
Still, not sure if I'm game enough to start toilet-training! I'm thinking of waiting till after Christmas smile

When's a good age to start?

C4Lin, WA ; DS(1) 25 02 04 ; DS(2) 10 10 06

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