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my 3 year old Lock Rss

my son is nearly 3 he is using the potty but still has lots of accidents i have tried so many different ways adviced by relatives but would love other mums and dads advice

Hazel,WA,2 boys

Hi, my 3y.o has been toliet trained since he was 2 and a half(6 months) and still has accidents, especially if he is busy playing. All I do is keep asking him if he needs to go, and then I tell him to go or i put him on after breakfast, lunch, before bath, etc. Dont know if this will really help? Also, a friend of mine will have her 3y.o in nappies one day and pants the next, very confusing for her daughter. So just make sure he is aware he hasnt got a nappy on (I am ammusing he still has one for bed). Hope I have helped a little...
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