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Potty or toilet? Lock Rss

Hi all,
I was just wondering if I should buy a potty or just try toilet training on the regular toilet?

DS - 28-5-06, DD 22-9-07

Hi there,
I bought my DD a potty a few months ago, just to introduce her to it. She used to cry at the sight of the toilet! She seemed to know what it was from day one and is now fully toilet trained during the day. She goes to daycare, where she uses the little toilet. She has no problem with this one bcoz it's so small but she's still scared of the "big" toilet. Hmm, will have to work on that one next. Good luck with your choice. I think that the potty worked well for my DD.

DS1 prefers his potty as his feet are on the floor so he can stand up when he is finished.
He uses a seat over the toilet with steps but doesn't like it as much.
If you're not sure get a seat for the toilet first as you will use this later anyway and if your child doesn't like it then buy a potty. Kmart have good comfortable ones that are like a moulded seat with a highback and a tray for toys for $28 so you don't have to spend that much.
i think it depends on how old the child is. I started my kids both at 15-16months and because they were so small they sat on a potty. I got one of those step up toilet seats which my son liked for about 2 weeks then he didnt like it again. He used an insert that went under the toilet seat. But once he got to almost 3 he decided he was a big boy and just wanted to use the toilet. Now at JUST 3 he has decided he wants to stand up like a big boy.
It also depends on if you are willing to clean up after the potty - it can sometimes be disgusting!! it would be nice to think my two used the toilet straight away, but they didnt. I managed. GOOD LUCK -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I am toilet training my twin boys at the moment, and also have a 4yr old girl. In my house I've got 2 potties, 1 toilet insert to make the seat smaller (great for kids who are frightened they might fall in!!), and one of the toilet seats with the ladder to climb up on. (Can never have too many!!). They love the ladder contraption because it makes it easy to get up on the big toilet, however it is tricky when they are wearing shoes because they have to get undressed to be able to climb up - and "time is the essense!". The potty is great in that they can just pull down their pants & sit down. Unfortunately they like to tip it into the toilet, and the comfier looking potty is horrid - the wee defies gravity & goes everywhere but the toilet (so I'm advising to go with a cheap, basic design potty). One of my sons has decided to climb over the back of the big toilet - strange, but whatever works!! I can't see any harm in having a cheap potty on stand by. - My daughter ended up needing to sit on the potty infront of tv to help her learn!! Good luck! (and sorry my reply is soooo long!!)
I think using the potty as an introduction first is a very good thing. There is a lot of free advice on the steps of potty training I recommend reading up on:

From our personal experience the potty is important step. We also had friend's who went straight to the toilet attachment with their second but found it may have been a bit premature mainly because the confidence was not gained in the case of their first who was potty trained. There is no right or wrong but regression is a challenge that can result if the learning experience is perhaps rushed or key steps skipped. - Just an opinion.
This one takes a bit of timing, and a lot of patience: as soon as you see the signs, get your child to the potty/toilet as quickly as you can (you might need to lift them up and run!), and put them on the toilet seat. Sit with him reading or with an iPad or whatever until he goes. Huge applause and reward. Repeat until the connection is made. I have found some good potty training app from searching google. You may try this apps for become a special potty trainer for your sons. I used this potty training app and worked fantastic… this is the link
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